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How Can A Mobile App Assists In Social Fund Collection & Help Someone?

Mobile app for social charity
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Nov 28 2019

The mobile device and software industry has seen the most significant evolution in technology in terms of impacting the lifestyle of huge populations at a time. Websites are nowadays merely another point of interaction, and according to some researchers, they might eventually go obsolete, making mobile devices the primary source of spreading information and communication.

According to the report of Statista, mobile apps are expected to generate 935 billion U.S. dollars revenue in 2032 which was 365.5 billion in the year 2018.

mobile app revenues statista report

This measure shows the importance of app usage and there is no doubt that this will be affected in the social community. There are hundreds of mobile applications that are being used daily to share information instantly.

With mobile applications, access to information is not only on the fingertips, but the ability to make a societal impact is also on the fingers. Millennials and Generation Z want to be associated with purpose-driven organizations and make an impact daily. Mobile applications can play a significant role in facilitating the need for making an impact. Yet we see very few mobile apps built for driving causes, initiatives that are helping the communities in any way.

Creating a social impact with mobile apps

A social impact can be driven at different levels – local communities, remote locations, nationwide communities, and global communities. A few different ways in which mobile applications can be useful for doing social assistance should include initiation by private enterprises, NGOs, and government bodies.

Mobile apps for helping social society

A social community helping app is now available to be developed and can fulfill a social need in a couple of finger swipes or clicks. There are many easy to utilize fundraising applications accessible in the marketplace. They assist in reaching and interacting with donors.

They further assist in social fund collection and are extremely helpful for non-profit organizations. Such mobile applications help in social awareness. They have in-built functionalities to share a post directly from the mobile app to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. They help in boosting social awareness in familiar people as well as professionals.

These mobile applications can be used to help someone in need. Take an example of the Kuber Village App by Technostacks. This app enables assistance and helps villagers absolutely free. The application is used to build the village network by inviting family and friends via Facebook friend requests.

With Kuber Village App, a member can interact through the village community by picking a specific date and time when someone requires or wants to offer the necessary support. Someone who is easily reachable can acknowledge the request and manage the help as decided.

The app stakeholders will be able to take delivery of the assistance request as a notification on their smartphone, and in return, convey to the helper that they have received the information about the assistance. Once the app stakeholders communicate the village requirements and get details of the support from the helper through the app, they can get to the task and successfully complete the needed activities.

Every time the help is offered, the helper can earn Karma points. In this way, all the stakeholders can be aware of the balance and even-handedness of the aid being delivered to the village people. The assistance can be enabled, no matter where you are presently located through this Kuber Village App, which is specially built for helping and contributing to the social community.

Not just charities, but corporations and governments can also make an impact.

A government mobile application can help in outreach and taking user inputs significantly. It can assist in collecting funds in a crisis situation with better communication modes and enable engagements amongst citizens in such scenarios. The government powered mobile app even has the benefit of public trust and better reachability.

Benefits of mobile apps in the social community

One can enable fund collection by the app along with functionalities such as text messaging, broadcasting valuable public conversations, and educating a big audience with relevant content. But it is also essential for these apps to stay secure, supple, and compliant.

We at Technostacks have built a modernized mobile app that can assist in social fund collection and apps for helping someone to get donations for good causes. We focus on the objectives of our client’s requirements and then prioritize the functionalities while building an app for helping social society.

We concentrate on four main factors towards achieving a highly functional mobile app, which comprise customer engagement, service and support, promotions, and online sales.

Moving Forward

So we can conclude that it is significant for every social organization to have a mobile app that can be further used for social good enabling fund collection, social awareness, or help someone in need.

However, when you decide to raise funds, you will need a technology partner who can bring your initiative to life. Building an in-house team will need a massive investment in technology resources, infrastructure, and other costs. You will also require technical support to help you whenever you need assistance on the ongoing or completed project.

At Technostacks, we will build bug-free applications, trim down development time and costs to enable our clients. We concentrate on mobile app uses such as information gathering, communication, and social media integrations while building and enabling fund collection by the app. We even facilitate staying in touch and accessing information from other places as per client requirements. Contact us for more information >> https://technostacks.com/contact-us/.