Client Requirement

The client approached Technostacks to develop a dynamic community application that can enable related stakeholders to manage the Karma points.

Use of the Application

  • The app is mainly for helping and contributing to the community. The Kuber application enables you to create your village network by inviting your friends and family through Facebook friend requests.
  • You can ask for assistance or can help through the community by choosing the date and time when you need or provide support. Someone who is accessible can accept the request and completes the help as committed.
  • When you sign up for Kuber merely enable your reliable friends and relatives on Facebook or by adding them openly. The app will then create your own Kuber village. You can convey when you require help. It can be while school holidays, and at times you have other obligations. Then let the stakeholders know when you are able to lend a hand to other villagers. Once the app stakeholders understand what everyone in the village necessitates, they can get to work!
  • Requests for aid can be targeted to explicit people or sent as a standard SOS, such as when you’re running late for school pickups or other stuff. Your village will be able to take delivery of your help request as a notification on their smartphone, and in return notify you that they have received the details.

Technology-based Functionalities Used in the Project

  • The most significant technical achievement in Kuber application is Technostacks has developed the backend as Serverless architecture. We have used AWS and written the backend using Lambda functions, step functions, and utilized DynamoDB as a database. The Authentication was done through Cognito technology.
  • The application data is entirely private and encrypted as it has personal data of family and trusted members.


One can have access to related community stakeholders for assistance earning or enabling the Karma points through this application. Offer or receive the best possible help and assistance, no matter where you are currently located. Within the Kuber Village application helping out the community is utterly free of cost.

Technologies Used