Blockchain App Development

Making Payments A Little More Secure Using Blockchain

At Technostacks, we offer blockchain app development services and solutions. We build blockchain apps for startups, enterprises, businesses, needing disruptive solutions to transform from traditional business models into a more trusted and secure platform. As a blockchain software development company, we have successfully worked with and shown our prowess in building solutions for supply chain, financial services, healthcare, IoT, automobile, and government.

Advantages of Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology is a time-stamped series of records of data that is immutable in nature and is managed by a group or cluster of computers not owned by a single entity. Since the data is shared on an immutable digital ledger, its records are public. Using this technology brings transparency and accountability of action for each transaction. Here are some benefits of developing a blockchain solution for your business:

  • Increased transparency
  • Extended security
  • Efficient traceability
  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Lower costs

Blockchain Services – Consulting, Development & Wallet

We have delivered blockchain solutions to a diverse set of industries and clientele. We use state-of-the-art, blockchain development tools to build robust and scalable blockchain solutions. Our areas of expertise in blockchain development services lie in consulting, application development, and wallet building services.


We provide consulting services for various steps in transforming your businesses with blockchain – developing products, integrating technology, delivering the strategy.

Wallet Services

Our blockchain technology solutions include developing secure e-wallet apps for multiple platforms and smart contract management platforms. We use up-to-date ecosystem tools for building Ethereum wallets, web wallets, and mobile wallets.

Application development

We provide custom blockchain app development per your need. Our team of experts takes the client through different avenues to the blockchain technology-based on their use case. The app development team has shown its effectiveness in implementing cryptographic solutions, smart auditing contracts, and other multifaceted solutions. Further, our business analyst teams have an excellent understanding of multiple blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger. So, our different teams dynamically build software applications using efficient frameworks, APIs, bootstrapping tools, smart contract libraries, storage, and messaging systems.

Why Choose Technostacks?

At Technostacks, we proudly boast about our success model, which is based on sustainable growth and client satisfaction. As a blockchain development company, our key drivers towards the success model are:

  • We emphasize strategic planning before getting hands-on with development. This process ensures fulfilling client objectives in an optimal manner.
  • Have an experienced team of specialist blockchain developers who have proven their expertise with multiple projects.
  • Our quality driven process ensures we follow best industry practices, use best technology tooling, the minimal error rate on projects, quick response times, and maintenance schedules.
  • We ensure that our solutions are cost-effective for your needs. We provide the best competitive prices among any other blockchain app development company in the USA or India.
  • We have a devoted team of professionals committed to designing, architecting, and developing state of the art blockchain solutions for your industry needs.
  • Our work capability and availability are proven by the project success rate. Teams at Technostacks work in shifts and are available to take requests and build solutions on the clock. We have a get-shit-done attitude.

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