AWS Serverless Development

Serverless Architecture Best at Scaling Infrastructure and Cutting Costs

The latest entry in the technology industry, (Amazon Web Services) AWS serverless concept gained eminence since the successful launch of AWS Lambda in 2014. Serverless is a native architecture of the cloud that enables organizations to move operational responsibilities to AWS, enhancing innovation and agility.

Serverless allows programmers to build and run applications and services without having to worry about servers. And that is probably why increasing numbers of developers are shifting to cloud hosting and serverless architecture to both reduce costs and scale the infrastructure at the same time.

AWS Serverless Development Advantages

The following are some of the advantages to employing AWS serverless for the development of your applications:

  • Reduced costs to scale: app developers no longer need to
    implement code to scale, upgrade or add to existing servers.
  • The uninterrupted scale of applications
  • Compatible with microservices
  • Ability to use third-party frameworks
  • Simplified deployment by removing the need for system
  • Compatible with agile development technology; developers can focus on code and delivery within timelines
  • Reduced complexity of software
  • Faster software release and decreased time to market

Serverless computing with AWS Lambda requires no administration overhead and is, therefore, the ideal choice when handling peaks in load. Besides being an effective way to achieve horizontal scaling, serverless computing with AWS Lambda uses known environments like Visual Studio to build and execute Lambda functions.

AWS Serverless Development Services

Technostacks is proud to be one of the leading adopters of AWS serverless technology. Our journey over the years has enabled us to emerge as one of the established serverless app development consulting companies. We possess considerable experience in employing serverless computing to build robust applications that can scale to your needs.

Through serverless computing with AWS Lambda, developers and programmers can run code on high availability compute infrastructure. Each Lambda function comes with a specific amount of memory that can be used and based on which the computing power is allocated. This is a significant development as this functionality allows you to make sure the Lambda function runs only for the desired duration, the compute power for which is what users will have to pay, and not more.

As one of the leading serverless app development companies, Technostacks can assist you with the easy and quick deployment of scalable web applications featuring rich UI. Reach out to us today for assistance with AWS serverless.