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LiDAR Data Services And Classification To Grow Your Business

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that enables the data measurements by lighting the target employing a pulsed laser. It is colloquially known as 3D scanning or laser scanning.

LiDAR services are used for purposes such as research, 3D-Visualization, mapping, architecture, and many more. How do they do it? With the help of a LiDAR System, a pulse from a laser is reflected on an object and depends on the time it takes for beams of light to hit a surface or an object and reflect. Then the distance is calculated by using the velocity of light. These pulsed laser measurements and the returns are later processed into a 3D visualization which is called a ‘Point Cloud.’

Technostacks provide numerous LiDAR data processing services to help in delivering the accurate earth’s details for research purposes and more. Many industries have availed benefits from our services by taking advised selections for their business.

LiDAR drafting services help the electronic business by designing the financial and supervision of their electronic networks. LiDAR enabled iOS devices are amplifying AR visualisation for consumers. Also, LiDAR enabled iPhones and iPads have enhanced user experience. Moreover, LiDAR classification also helps the agricultural sector by watershed illustration and via crop assessment mapping mistreatment.

Our LiDAR Service

Check out our services:

  • LiDAR Data Processing
  • Aerial LiDAR
  • Point Cloud Classification
  • Mobile LiDAR
  • Power Line Classification
  • Terrestrial LiDAR
  • Drone LiDAR
  • BIM Services

Advantages of the LiDAR Solutions

Comprehensive Detection
Due to our LiDAR services equipped with drones, we can capture the difficult-to-reach remote areas views. Drones can fly at low altitudes to reach grounds and capture detailed information.

Elevation Modelling
We employ our commissioned professionals to help us with our LiDAR services. They help us to make detailed 3D models.

LiDAR technology is useful in mining, dredging, landfills, construction, or any location where volume activity is crucial.

Density Measurement
To measure a surface’s density and to get in-depth information, our LiDAR-equipped drones reach the bottom of the surface through the tiny spaces within the woods, covers, and foliage to density measurement data. If done in conventional ways, then it will be very time-consuming and difficult.

Environmental and Coastal Restoration
With the help, our LiDAR services can capture vital pieces of information. This way, LiDAR can help to restore the exposed coastlines. Also, by flying an area multiple times, we can capture the progress in abrasion patterns and outline shifts.

List of Deliverables in LiDAR Services

Elevation Models
Our three regular DTM datasets are classifying and filtering, vegetation, and alternative on top of the ground option. Once non-ground points square measure off, then only the real illustration of the vacant earth surface is pictured. LAS, Xyz, and CSV are some of the formats delivered by filtered DTM.

Building footprint and tree canopy cover
We extract building footprints from measuring instruments as 2D or 3D geo-preference vector layers. Footprints show the condition of buildings and are used for purposes such as sleuthing changes in building size, location, and many more.

3D Point Clouds
We have three conventional measuring classification levels. We have designed these standard square measures so that we can exceed ICSM needs.

Why Choose Technostacks?

  • Grow Business
    Our services will help your business grow with opportunities for identification, accurate estimation, and a bit of confidence.
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    You can bring your story to life by engaging powerfully with visual language.
  • Superior Quality
    When people spend their money, they expect quality. And we always work harder than before to refine our services.
  • Uses of LiDAR
    Furthermore, we can help you with our LiDAR data consultation if you are from industries such as Transportation, environment, utility mapping, forestry mapping, and any other such industries where mapping is required.
  • Enable Strategy
    We follow the science to ensure future success with an extensive implementation system.
  • Offer Visualization
    We can convert your imagination into reality by creating a successful design as per your vision.
  • Dedicated Teams
    We have a dedicated team who works extensively to make sure that your money is invested in the place and tries to give you tons of benefits.

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