Hardware Engineering Services

Comprehensive Hardware Design and Development Services for your Intelligently Connected Products

Hardware forms the fundamental and crucial building block of any effectively connected solution. With the quick proliferation of lower process geometries, organizations are moving to miniature boards, which are highly power-optimized and utilized in an extensive range of applications. Hardware engineering is not merely restricted to board design, offering testing, validation, connectivity, and certification. However, it even involves integrating a variety of modules to well-organized platforms facilitating flawless interoperability of the complete system or product.

Technostacks strong partnership with semiconductor suppliers assists in bringing enhanced visibility and substance in the entire design planning process. Our teams build a swift and lower-cost prototype right for a POC with precise estimates on the EOL of the elements and components as well. Partnerships lend a hand to get early on access to a successful pre-launched solution from our diverse suppliers to provide a much quicker time to market for our varied clients and customers.

Hardware Engineering Services

Technostacks has proven specialization in hardware engineering solutions, which includes hardware design and development of multifaceted, quicker, consistent, and resourceful solutions. Our hardware engineering services range from the conceptualization phase to providing re-engineered custom-made solutions. We have a broad range of service portfolio offerings backing design, prototyping, certification, and mass production under one single roof. Our superiorly defined engineering methodologies assist in trimming down time to market without any compromise with the performance.

Our Expertise in Hardware Design Services and Engineering Solutions

  • Hardware design services consist of architecture, layout, schematics, and Class A component choice for automotive, industrial and commercial design.
  • Pre-compliance testing include thermal, vibration, interference, EMI/EMC and morBOM optimization as well as ROM estimation
  • Region-specific certification like FCC, ROHS, CE, UL, REACH, and many more
  • Developing low power consumption and proficient battery managed devices
  • RF design: RF simulation, Multi-radios design, tuning as well as antenna customization
  • Mechanical design and enclosure designing for the different range of products
  • Designing diverse sensors, IoT gateway, edge nodes and varied hardware interfaces
  • Board Design: HDI, Multi-layer, Flex, Flex-Rigid intended for higher speed, precise battery operated, signal integrity as well as space-constrained designs


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