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Benefits of Switching to a Fax App Instead of a Fax Machine

Advantages of Fax Mobile App
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Mar 22 2021

Fax machines have been the very initiators of long-distance communication for the longest time. Despite technology sky-rocketing in the last decade or so, they are still acknowledged as the pioneers in the communication world. There is no doubt that we do not see them around so often anymore. And, it’s true that Fax Machines now have gone extinct. However, they haven’t ceased in terms of popularity and usage. A lot of businesses still make use of fax machines. We are here to tell you how innovative fax apps can help you fondly remember fax machines while also letting you stay closer to technology.

A variety of applications dedicated to digital faxing have recently emerged and adopted by businesses. These applications disguise themselves as fax machines as they have all resembling features and functionalities to enable your business operations. Also, when you choose to use these custom fax apps, you save time and your environment by freeing it from the use of excess plastic that goes into making old-timey fax machines.

Let us explore the key benefits and advantages of fax apps.

Fax apps have turned into quite the craze for fax app lovers. The benefits of these apps are plenty. While they stick to delivering the fax-machine feel you primarily desire, they also carry along with the best of contemporary technology. However, we understand that it is probably hard for you to make the much-needed switch if you’re a fax machine lover. Giving up on your conventional fax machine can be challenging, and that is why we wish to show you the irresistible benefits of fax applications. Once you’re done with this reading, the choice is always yours.

  1. Fax from anywhere, anytime
    Fax machines have always been beneficial for quick communication. However, they have worked as “in-office” commodities for the longest time that facilitate official work. There is no doubt about your requirements for constant communication with work and office, taking an “on-the-go” route. Fax apps allow you to fax from anywhere, anytime. Unlike using fax machines, it isn’t always crucial for you to be at your workplace.With ever-increasing work mobility, these apps serve as perfect fits for Gen Z employees. Virtual mobility and cloud storage for your messages are features you cannot ignore. Just like we said, the advantages of internet faxing are plenty!
  2. Cut down the costs
    Needless to say, not spending on a fax machine will surely mean saving quite some money. Cutting down on a telephone line, machine cost, paper and ink cost, and so much more seems like a perfect dream. Since you will be using an easy app on your mobile phone, there is no extra cost involved with these brilliant faxing apps. Switching to a fax app then undeniably turns into a cost-effective and exciting idea.Moreover, using a fax app that brings with it data safety will ensure none of your important documents is lost. Your faxing cost will be meagre, and it will make sure you and your company are equally happy as you get all the necessary faxing features under $20.
  3. Security features you cannot ignore
    Beyond everything, fax apps bring security features you cannot forget. Apps dedicated to digital faxing come with unique cloud storage features that keep your data safe and secure at all times. What’s more? You can access it anywhere and anytime! Another funny occurrence that these apps avoid is that they make sure the correct fax reaches the right people.Unlike ancient times when people read the wrong fax while the proper document remained stuck inside the machine, fax apps are efficient and so much more reliable.

    These apps can help you avoid all legal and confidentiality issues, as technology takes care of the fax you send out and receive. This scenario means your data remains safe in and out.

  4. Go eco-friendly before you know it
    By not spending on a fax machine, you will be protecting the environment against tonnes of plastic and paper waste. This scenario is where the benefits of using a fax app get real. You might not even know it, but you will be contributing towards a greener planet. We’re quite certain you must be wondering how, and the answer is bound to cheer you up.

Technostacks has extensive experience in developing fax app

Technostacks has built a comprehensive application that can send a fax from a mobile app rather than utilizing a traditional fax machine. This mobile application can enable the scanning of diverse documents and save them in various formats.

Technostacks has applied native Apple’s framework for detecting files and documents right through a smartphone camera. By using this application, the border of the document can be identified and have flawless image processing. The mobile app can work in both automated and manual modes where users can easily edit, crop, mark, and update within the given document prior to sending it to the intended receiver’s fax machine. In the end, the user can directly process the document on grayscale utilizing a 3rd party software platform.

The application user can effortlessly blend numerous documents into a single fax with a preview of any document before sending the same. The user can also straightforwardly save the documents in iTunes Drive and DropBox prior to sending. You can download the Speedy FAX application right from iTunes and smartly initiate seamless sending of fax. The mobile app is precisely compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and comes with a size of 57.6 MB.

The current updated facts and new technology features

According to BeBusinessed, if 5% of businesses made a switch to fax apps, the earth would save tonnes of paper. It’s time for you to consider the number of resources and energy you will be saving by making this short switch. What’s better than going in for an alternative that helps you reduce costs, protect the environment, and operate with extra efficiency?

Digital faxing can bring to life the possibilities you never thought of before. Directly and indirectly, you will be saving more resources than you can currently consider. That is why it is essential to leave behind traditional faxing as we walk proudly into the digital age and embrace all the effectiveness that virtual faxing brings along.

Fax mobile technology can come in handy as you utilize all the perks of faxing with additional advantages. Technostacks is a leading mobile app development company and has experience in developing fax apps that match your custom needs to craft an excellent faxing experience. While we know that switching to virtual faxing can be difficult if you are used to conventional faxing, we need you to skim through the multiple advantages offered by the same.

We are confident you will soon be reconsidering the right choices. As the trend for fax apps continues to grow in organizations, we understand that you are on the lookout for developers that understand your needs and deliver uniquely crafted solutions.

Moving Forward

Technostacks has the ideal fax app development team that wishes to make sure your transition to virtual faxing is smooth and seamless. By keeping in mind your entire official needs, our apps enable the exact features you and your company wish to see in a faxing app. You can have a custom faxing app made just for you. Connect with us for digital fax app development.