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How Can Mobile Apps Be Helpful In Doctor and Patient Communication?

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Jul 3 2020

It’s an innovative space for mobile applications in the healthcare and medical industry, with new possibilities up and coming each day in areas such as patient enablement and practice portability.

How are Mobile Apps needed in the Healthcare Industry?

Mobile healthcare applications are transforming the healthcare ecosystem by enhancing interactions, competence, and eminence of medical services. Healthcare apps are incredibly beneficial to the medical industry. Not only patients and doctors, but even medical staff and pharmacists can also have the advantages of this technological phenomenon.

Mobile healthcare apps can be utilized for digital consultations, medical diagnosis, scheduling appointments, and medical-related supply deliveries. Before we talk about how tailored healthcare mobile apps can benefit the medical industry, let’s first explore some fascinating facts and figures.

Statistics around Healthcare Mobile Apps Marketplace

There is a list of more than 318,000 m-health applications in top app stores on a global basis. More than 200 applications are added to the app stores on a daily basis across the world. Healthcare mobile apps market is predicted to reach out around USD 111 billion by the year 2025.

Why use a Mobile App in Doctor-patient Communication?

There are numerous benefits of using mobile apps in healthcare and one of that is a doctor and patient communication. One of the beneficial, as well as the most advantageous aspects of mobile healthcare applications, could very well be enhancing doctor and patient communication.

Here are the ways that show the benefits of using a mobile app in Doctor and Patient Communication.

  1. Safe and Secure Messaging

    According to healthcare technology experts, a HIPAA-compliant, secure messaging from doctor to patient is necessary through a doctor-patient communication app. The benefits of the app in doctor-patient communication offer medical doctors the vital information and insights they require about the patient.

    Our expert team of app developers has experience in building healthcare apps. You can contact us for HIPPA compliant app development.

  2. Appointment Requests and Confirmation

    The healthcare technology experts say that as per the latest research, around 85 % of patients would like to be able to request or set up an appointment straight from their mobile app. And the complete system needs to be HIPAA-compliant, so nothing is physically stored in your mobile phone and accessible from anywhere and anyplace if the medical stakeholder and patients have the credentials.

    Within an app connecting doctors and patients, the database should be highly encrypted, and the only approach to enable appointment requests for the patient is to give access to the applicable doctor.

  3. Sharing of Lab Outcomes

    A resourceful app should facilitate a doctor to receive and then share lab outcomes with a patient or his family members. So, if a patient goes to a lab for tests and reports are pushed to his or her doctor, the concerned doctor can review all these reports on his smartphone, and he doesn’t have to visit his office for that. This scenario, in turn, makes communication swift as the doctor or patient can communicate from anywhere and anytime.

    For instance, if a doctor gets a blood report of his patient, he can review it on the mobile app and then push the insights to a patient portal or the concerned smartphone. And then the medical staff can communicate everything looks better, and let’s check it over again after three months. This scenario makes it simpler for the respected patient and the related medical staff.

  4. Documenting Medical Information

    The idea here is to trim down errors and manual work. Many mobile apps enable patients to scan their personal details and information right from their driver’s license or another identity card without entering it physically every time. This way, you don’t have to keep entering details or filling out the same information forms every time you visit a hospital. The app should also have a position for insurance information as an integral part of a patient medical profile.

  5. Facilitate Voice and Video Communication

    Having a voice or video record of conversations amid a doctor and patient can come in a useful while or whenever a patient hears news that is not happy. Many times not only patients but even patient’s relative’s blank out, and they don’t listen to things the doctor says. Accessible apps now allow doctors to record dialogue with patients, and then send the copy to them.

    The systems can even write out conversations, which is essential as a lot of the time, doctors will give lengthy instructions to patients, which cannot be all remembered.

    For instance, if a patient gets instructions for injury care, the doctor can send all stages and steps involved in the healing process through their mobile application or the patient portal. It all goes over the recording of what the medical staff told you so that it supports the instructions given to that patient.

Telemedicine Application to Enable Healthcare Professionals and Patients

telemedician app for doctor-patient communication

Technostacks is a leading app development company and has already offered successful doctor-patient communication apps to its many clients. With the Telemedicine App project, the client accomplished and is providing its customers with the most brilliant user experiences.

We at Technostacks have experience in delivering doctor and patient communication apps and the app is Telemedicine App. It is one of the most excellent medical applications for doctor-patient communication. This mobile healthcare app provides continuous access to board-certified physicians. The app users can set up their profiles, attach the health history, and facilitate payment details.

Further, patients can effortlessly schedule consultations with a physician on a real-time basis, all in a protected as well as safe HIPAA compliant environment. All health professionals and patients can benefit from this application, and the elite communication platform is a pioneering game-changer in the medical sector. This is the best example of the doctor-patient communication app.

For this Telemedicine App, the client approached Technostacks to build a platform through which the doctor and patient can engage fluently. The user must have a subscription to use the mobile app. Further, the application had to be shaped to facilitate the patient profile, have consulting functions, confirm pharmacy details, and record all insights interrelated to the health history of the patient. The client got what he expected from the app by partnering with Technostacks, and the project was implemented as per HIPAA compliant guidelines.

By allocating flawless access to diverse stakeholders, the application facilitated flexible services with clear-cut utilization of the Telemedicine system application. Technostacks provided this mobile app methodically and is involved in its performance encroachment and offering a higher level of scalability.