Client Requirement

The client approached Technostacks to develop a medical application through which the doctor and patient can interact effortlessly. The user must have a subscription to utilize the app. Further, the application had to be designed in a way that it can facilitate the patient profile, request consulting, confirm pharmacy, and record all details related to medical history. The client wanted everything in the project to be as per HIPAA compliant guidelines.


  • A user can subscribe to the application, can create a profile and enter details
  • The user can even review and edit the filled information
  • The app dashboard comprises access to diverse profiles, patient’s medical history, insurance details, preferred pharmacy module, payment information, and family members section
  • The application dashboard also offers access to primary care physician details, information on patient allergies, recent consults status, scheduling details and terms & consent section
Apps For Doctor-Patient Communication
app connecting doctors and patients
  • The medical history comprises of necessary details of the patient, his or her social history, family history, treated conditions, current and previous medication details
  • The medical history of the patient can be viewed, updated, shared, monitored and tracked on a regular basis
  • The application also possess aspects of the pharmacy and insurance dealings
  • The interactive components cover all the user communications and sharing of the user location
  • The app features allow HIPAA acknowledgments, swift scheduling of consultations and support medical health discovery modules


The Telemedicine app-based solution is trouble-free to use, highly robust, and adequately functional. With our professional efforts, we delivered the application, facilitating lively and dynamic execution for the diverse client users. Our team at Technostacks wholly designed and developed the app which follows HIPPA compliant guidelines. We used the latest development platforms and native app technology for building this application.

With this all-encompassing project, the client attained and is offering its customers with the most exceptional user experiences. By allocating seamless access to different stakeholders, the application enabled supple services with straightforward utilization of the Telemedicine system application. Technostacks delivered this application systematically and is presently involved in its performance advancements, higher scalability functionalities, and minor bug fixes.

Technologies Used

iOS app