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What Are The Benefits Of Software As A Service For Businesses?

SaaS Benefits For Business
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Mar 10 2021

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a precise cloud computing service that offers users access to a vendor’s cloud-based software. SaaS delivers an intriguing alternative to benchmark software installation in the business environment (conventional model), where you have to build-up the server, enable and install the application, and finally configure it for further use.

What is SaaS, and how does it benefit the business? However, here in the SaaS model, applications directly reside on a remote cloud network accessed by the web or API, and it operates as a rental model. You and your company have the authorization to utilize it for a fixed time period and pay for the software you are using, thus enjoying software benefits as a service model.

Why would a Business Use SaaS and SaaS Benefits for Business?

SaaS is one of the three significant categories of cloud computing, with the platform as a service (PaaS) model and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). SaaS benefits in many potential ways over customary business software installation models, including cost-effectiveness, swift configuration and deployment, effortless updates, better accessibility, and scalability. We will explore the advantages of SaaS in cloud computing with complete details in this blog post.

How does SaaS work as a Cloud Computing Model?

In the SaaS model, the provider offers clients with network-based access to a single copy of a precise application that the provider has built for the SaaS-based distribution. The application source code is the same for all the client-bases. When fresh features or functionalities are enabled, they are automatically distributed to all the clients in that SaaS model.

As per the service level agreement (SLA), client data for every model can be stored-up locally, in the cloud, or hybrid. Companies can integrate SaaS applications with other software utilizing diverse application programming interfaces (APIs). For illustration, an organization can write its own software tools and use the SaaS provider APIs to enable or blend those tools with the SaaS service offerings.

The most common SaaS applications are utilized for crucial business technologies, such as customer relationship management (CRM), email campaign handling, sales management, financial management, human resources management (HRM), invoicing, billing and software collaboration. The key providers of SaaS include Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Intuit.

Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS)

To assist companies in understanding why they should select SaaS solutions over time-honoured software, we have listed here the advantages of SaaS for the businesses.

  1. Highly Affordable
    Unlike long-established software, SaaS (like CRM software) is by and large sold mainly on a subscription basis that comprises upgrades, maintenance, and a degree of client support. SaaS subscription models generally operate on a monthly subscription basis, and thus there are no high up-front service costs applicable in this specific model.
  2. Swift to Implement and Deploy
    With SaaS solutions, all you require is a web browser and online access, and you are ready to go. While with conventional software solutions, they can take weeks or months to implement and deploy. Also, SaaS solutions don’t need any of the software tools to be enabled, and so you can access your fresh software right away.
  3. No Need for Physical Infrastructure
    When enabling business applications through SaaS, the intricacy of the underlying IT infrastructure is all managed by your SaaS vendor. The end users do not require being concerned about the maintenance of any hardware or which operating system version backs which of the databases. So, the SaaS service provider will take care of all this stuff for your company, so you can directly focus on your business operations.
  4. Flawless Updates and Upgrades
    Your SaaS service provider will handle all the software updates and upgrades for you, getting rid of the requirement to install or download different patches. You can also be fully assured that you will always have a higher up-to-date software solution.
  5. Assured Levels of Service
    With most long-established software solutions, you are not given an assurance on how well it will work and perform; however, with SaaS, you are guaranteed on its performance levels. Most of the SaaS service providers guarantee your applications will be accessible 99.5 percent of the time. In the scenario, if the vendor doesn’t deliver the promised performance levels; the vendor has decided penalties to be paid.
  6. Enable Backups and Data Recovery
    If you have worked with conventional software, you will very well know that except a pricey automated solution has been enabled, the procedure of backing up your data on a frequent basis can be a painstaking job at the best of times. However, SaaS solutions do away with this painstaking activity, facilitating automated backups without user intrusion and thus make sure the uprightness of your data.
  7. Work from Anywhere
    With merely an internet connection, SaaS solutions can be effortlessly accessed from anywhere. Users are able to access their data and work more resourcefully from anywhere, making life seamless for home employees or for those people that operate across numerous sites.
  8. Safety and Security
    In many cases, a company’s business information is more safe and secure in a SaaS solution than in customary software. For instance, at many SaaS vendors, two geographically separated data centers connect the infrastructures to provide applications. In the ill-timed event that a failure occurs in one of the centers, the SaaS vendor can enable a second data center, prolonging providing continuous services.
  9. Higher Adoption Rates
    As SaaS solutions are provided over the internet, there is practically no learning curve involved with adopting a new solution as staff members tend to be used to working on the internet previously.
  10. Long-Term Client Relationships
    We consider that this last point to be the most noteworthy. At many SaaS vendors, they charge you a yearly fee for their services. However, the actual reality or fact is that by the time they take into account the customer conversion costs and the money they have already invested in the infrastructure, they don’t make big profits in the foremost year of the customer relationship. So it is essential for them that their customers are satisfied with all their services and remain with them for a longer time.

How to Build a Cloud-based SaaS Application?

SaaS application development varies from the conventional approach to software development in many ways. These differences can seem unapproachable to non-experts and those not experienced with the SaaS product concepts. However, cloud-based and conventional app developments really have a lot more similarities.

The foremost difference in building cloud applications is the requirement to choose the right cloud services provider. One of the significant advantages of cloud solutions is that subscribers characteristically don’t have to install software on their devices. This scenario is good for users, who don’t have to pay higher up-front expenses for the application itself and don’t have to give up precious storage space and computing power to operate the application and get the job executed. However, you still have to evaluate a trustworthy cloud service that can host your SaaS platform and facilitate easy access for your end-users.

Key Takeaways

These are the benefits of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for your business. You can match this with long-established software vendors who make the majority of their profit on the preliminary software license sales and have a comparatively small ongoing support fee. Their focus is on getting you to purchase the software license and not essentially work on the long-term view.

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