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How IBM Watson and Artificial Intelligence will Redefine the World

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Jan 30 2018

Today the genuine challenge goes well beyond purely attaining more data. The key is accessing data in a precise way, at the precise time, and in the precise format to generate helpful insights.

Need of both Human Analysis and Superior Technology

It needs both the human analysis and the advanced technology to determine significant insights for business leaders to be successful.

Roles of IBM Watson and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Watson is the IBM’s pioneering effort to revolutionize the future as we know it utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Watson is a keen reader and has the capacity to consume a million books every second. IBM Watson’s hardware is quite smart and is much smaller in size.

How IBM Watson and AI would Assist Different Industry Domains

  • IBM Watson is helping in reviewing cancer patient cases and published studies on cancer subjects. It also helps in designing healthcare treatment strategies. Watson is presently being tutored by many cancer institutes around the globe.
  • IBM Watson is also used in different domains with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage routine queries and activities which when executed automatedly can free up the time of professionals so they can focus on other tasks.
  • In the coming time data right from hiring to employee management or production, all the data would be managed by AI.
  • Utilizing machine learning algorithms, IBM Watson is able to drive its own conclusions from the immense data it consumes.
  • Finally, IBM’s vision is to utilize AI for enhancing human decision-making with continuing machines to be reliant on humans.

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