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Reasons Why Salesforce is the Best CRM System

why choose salesforce
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Apr 23 2021

You would have probably heard of Salesforce before, the world’s number one cloud computing software specializing in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), helping organizations streamline their customer service, marketing, and sales operations effectively. With the advent of cloud services, it is only fair that businesses also utilize and benefit from the beneficial and convenient service to more efficiently connect with customers, partners and attract potential customers. The ability to provide that is one of the reasons why Salesforce is best.

With a wide variety of tools at its disposal, such as tracking customer activity and offering powerful insights on customer trends, Salesforce technology has cemented its position as the go-to platform for businesses seeking to simplify customer relations. Though the software finds vast applications in the area, the primary focus has been on delivering excellent customer service, customer retention, executive customer acquisition, and critical insights through analytics.

How Salesforce is Redefining CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be precisely defined as a technology that allows companies to manage all their interactions and relationships with customers and acquire new customers. A well-defined CRM system such as Salesforce delivers the core responsibility: improving customer relations through regular interactions, well-rounded engagement techniques, and tracking and analysis to provide comprehensive customer service. Every company benefits from streamlining its CRM to improve profitability and build a valuable reputation as an entity that values customers above all.
While all the above benefits comprise one aspect, the most defining feature of Salesforce is the successful implementation of its secure cloud-based software. The addition of cloud services into this area has undoubtedly revolutionized CRM, magnifying accessibility for both companies and clients alike and helping them capitalize on the matchless benefits of cloud computing.
However, the rise of other, modestly intelligent CRM systems makes one ask why choose Salesforce? Here we list out our pick of the best features of Salesforce to better answer that question for you.

The Salesforce Advantage

Salesforce enjoys the patronage of giants like Amazon, Adidas, American Express, and ADP, and it is relatively easy to see why. The software allows companies to understand their customer base better. It offers more than the usual, traditional ways to connect with them, fulfilling the ultimate aim of acquiring more customers.

The real Salesforce advantage here is that it enables real-time tracking of analytics, customer complaints, customer support, and service along with a variety of other CRM functions, helping companies understand customer needs and facilitating deeper connections. It, of course, helps that all this is made much easier through cloud storage, which increases accessibility, allowing customers to connect from anywhere.

Key Benefits of Salesforce

If you are still not convinced, allow us to drop some facts on what makes Salesforce unique. According to statistics provided by the company, Salesforce implementation has enhanced companies’ performance in many areas. Sales revenue reported an average increase while lead conversion has gone up considerably for companies who use Salesforce. Similarly, companies overall reported an increase in customer satisfaction while overall rise in deployment. Combined, these make for impressive figures that should help companies determine why Salesforce technology could be the best option for them to improve their business and customer offerings.

How Salesforce Enables Multiple Cloud Platforms?

Salesforce has various cloud platforms such as IoT cloud, service cloud, heath cloud, marketing cloud, community cloud, app cloud, commerce cloud, analytics cloud, and a Heroku engagement cloud (to deliver apps on the public cloud), among others.

While the Salesforce sales cloud empowers companies to track opportunities, contacts, and manage teams to grow sales, the service cloud allows for showcasing resolution of issues and customer activity to deliver premium customer service. Companies can track customer journeys and take advantage of multichannel marketing campaigns through the marketing cloud.

Businesses can also promote a sense of community by directly engaging with customers and creating a means for them to engage with each other through the community cloud. Despite being notable and valuable enough on their own, these are only a few of the many advantages that Salesforce technology provides.

How Salesforce helps Businesses with Powerful Insights?

We do not need to underscore the importance of knowing where your deals stand, which is crucial in calculating progress and planning strategy. One of the benefits of Salesforce is its diverse selection of clouds and applications that enable the technology to draw up spend and performance analyses, which greatly help when designing marketing strategies.

The numerous cloud platforms hosted by Salesforce allow companies greater access to various data and increase how companies can serve customers. These functions of Salesforce transform it into an instrumental piece of technology that can offer powerful insights so that companies can take decisive, definitive steps towards improvement based on reliable information.

How Custom Salesforce CRM Solutions assists Diverse Organizations?

Increased competition and changing times have made it evident that the same sales strategy or business model cannot work for all organizations. Take the pandemic, for example; in one fell swoop, it has rendered tried and tested and trusted business models obsolete and left companies scrambling for ways to stay afloat in a drastically altered business landscape. But even without the pandemic, companies have specific needs of their own, which will have to be met to make real profits.

Salesforce is a scalable platform in that it can be modified to meet the unique requirements of a company. Salesforce implementation is beneficial as it is fully customizable and comes with various tools that aid in modifying the software to deliver more value to businesses. Salesforce technology makes it possible to create highly efficient, intuitive CRM systems that can singularly bring service providers, vendors, and customers together, building efficient eco-systems that generate sustainable relationships and profits.

Key Takeaways

A prosperous future for any business lies in its ability to provide 360-degree engagement for its customers while keeping an eye on trends. Now that you’re more aware of what makes Salesforce unique and what it can do for you and your company, it is perhaps time to utilize the global leader’s affordable services in the CRM industry to help you succeed in your business!

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