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Technostacks Evolves An Ample Invoicing App – Stapel

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Feb 9 2017

The Ahmedabad-based tech company Technostacks has achieved a great milestone by developing a full-fledged safe invoicing app. Though there are already so many established players in the market, Stapel would surely be proved the winner owing to its fresh look and state-of-the-art technology. Stapel is a complete solution for all payment-related needs ranging from secure payment storage to tracking payments.

Overview of Stapel:

You can use Stapel to gain maximum benefits by tracking your daily payments and schedule payments or get reminders.

  1. Secure:
    Stapel supports both password and fingerprint-based authentication process.
  2. Easy print of invoices:
    The invoices can be printed easily from this app and you can also choose to get them on the fly with a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Hassle-free scan and upload:
    Documents and images can be scanned and uploaded without any hassle using Staple.
  4. Password storage:
    Staple keeps the user credentials in the secure inbuilt storage and eases concurrent user logins.

  5. Features of this amazing app:

    Stapel is loaded with many powerful features that ease the entire process of making payments, tracking payments and secure payment storage from potential cyber threats. Some of the outstanding features of this app are:

    1. Generate and Send/Receive Invoices:
      Generating an invoice and sharing it with clients can now be done on your fingertip through Stapel.
    2. Digitally Sign Your Invoices:
      To add credibility to your invoices, you can currently digitally sign them using the amazing app by Technostacks.
    3. Export Data to Cloud:
      Be it Google Drive or MS Azure, you can now classify your payment data and store them in the cloud by simple export processes of Staple.
    4. Sync Data from Many Sources:
      Bluetooth can synchronize payment information securely and easily with various devices.

    How to use Stapel?

    Stapel resolves many day-to-day hassles you face with tracking your payments. So you can now benefit from this revolutionary app in 3 simple steps.

    1. Download:
      The app is available for both iOS and android users. It can be freely downloaded from any of these app stores.
    2. Install and customize :
      After installing the app on your device, you can now customize it with your information.
    3. Ready to go:
      Once your customization is done, you can easily generate invoices, share and export all you want.

    Stapel boasts of many advanced features that promise a secure and easy payment management. With the prospective future upgrades, this invoicing App is all set to change the entire process of invoice management.
    Get download our app from here:- http://apple.co/2koUFBz