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Best 10 Augmented Reality (AR) Application Development Companies across the USA and India

AR Development Companies
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Jan 28 2020

The market value of the Augmented Reality was at $3.5 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $198 in 2025. This technology is highly beneficial to most of the industries, and around 67% of media planners require AR advertisements right in their digital marketing campaigns.

So, Augmented Reality (AR) has turned the next immense move in the technology space. While heading into 2020, we see a specific prominence on augmented reality solutions. This scenario is because recent smartphones come with advanced gyroscope sensors, in-built cameras, modern processors, as well as high-resolution displays. And these components are highly capable of offering in-demand AR experiences.

The benefits and added advantages of Augmented Reality for different businesses include access to real-time information, better visualization, exclusive user experience (UX), enhancements in brand image, as well as a competitive differentiation.

Augmented reality is one such advanced technology that has risen as a creative force in quite a lot of high-caliber sectors and industries. The absolute number of applications AR offers has enterprises looking to explore innovative ways of driving the digital world and augmenting the physical space, further making the businesses better, smarter, and safer. AR is in use for multiple companies that cover domains such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail, automobile, defense, gaming, light guide systems, marketing, sales, real estate, and many other industries.

Further, mobile AR services are altering the way people interrelate with brands. It has brought digital information in diverse forms of superior graphics, restructured objects, rationalized videos, and effective audios on your screens.

Then what is the challenge?

Developing AR-based applications needs dedicated and modernized resources that most software companies do not have in their reach.

To address this challenge and to provide you a solution, we have listed the top ten augmented reality app development companies in the USA and India.

These companies have high-end AR capabilities and experiences to assist you in creating your subsequent augmented reality mobile application.

Note: All company information has been collected with high-end research activities and adequately discussed, along with considering their reviews on popular B2B listing sites. We have also figured out the date from reliable online sources, which include Clutch, Google my business ratings, The Manifest, and Quora.

  1. Technostacks (Ahmedabad, India and Texas, USA)

    Clutch Rating: 5.0

    Technostacks, a highly reputed IT Company in India and the USA, has fruitfully carved its niche within a few years of its commencement. The company offers end-to-end IT solutions to enable the demands of a varied clientele across the globe. It has catered to different industries for augmented reality app development services, which include gaming, manufacturing, retail, real estate, education, PR, and advertising.

    Technostacks is a leading augmented reality app development company, which comes in with a robust architecture, practiced AR developers, and up-to-the-minute AR toolkits. They deliver custom augmented reality app development services with superior functionalities and display augmented data right on the mobile screens. They have built and worked on AR app development for android and iOS platforms. The company is amongst the top AR app development firms in India & USA. A company with AR development requirements can any time contact Technostacks to hire AR developers in India.

    The company has enhanced productivity, improved safety benchmarks, and is exploring new growth opportunities in advanced AR application development areas. Technostacks has so far helped enable its client operations in many diverse ways, and continue to steer their revenue generation business opportunities by providing modern AR-enabled apps. If you are searching for augmented reality app developers in India then you can hire them. The company has even driven added sales and marketing engagements using AR to amalgamate its client’s online and offline retail channels. Further, the company has successfully provided an omnichannel experience that has enabled its business to step up.

  2. Wow-How Studio (Bay Area, USA)

    Clutch Rating: 5.0

    Wow-How Studio is one of the top augmented reality app development companies in the United States. They are a seasoned team player and digital professionals providing AR expertise, gathered together for enabling a one-stop-shop for empowering your project ideas. The company follows a business process in which it discusses your needs and requirements, identify a scope, assess a delivery, commend payment terms, bring together a team, deliver results, and enable ongoing support.

    With AR and VR capabilities, the company has also enabled turnkey solutions and support in all digital design domains comprising advanced-level game design, 2D and 3D graphics, video editing as well as animation.

  3. Zco Corporation (Boston, USA)

    Clutch Rating: 4.7

    Zco Corporation is one of the best AR app development companies in the USA with reliable teams of developers, engineers, artists, as well as project managers. The company has already worked on an extensive series of diverse projects comprising interactive augmented reality experiences as well as enterprise cloud-based storage solutions. We assist our global clientele by delivering cutting-edge augmented reality solutions that meet their requirements.

    Zco Corporation blends digital content tactics with the real world. They have built modernized software products for their customers, which ranges right from desktop to mobile, and they have since added AR skill-sets across their teams. The company has enabled AR technologies that cover tools such as Apple ARKit, Google ARCore, Vuforia, and more. For AR technology, they even include projects directly connected to consumers, enterprises, and the gaming industry. Their technology teams can combine live video with advanced-level videos, sounds, images as well as GPS data to provide exclusive augmented reality experiences.

  4. Gramercy Tech (New York, USA)

    Clutch Rating: 4.9

    Gramercy Tech specializes in developing augmented reality applications. As a Digital Laboratory, they are experts in all the needed stuff right from concept creation, design, implementation as well as software development to deliver in-depth customer experiences. It is one of the best AR app development companies in the USA.

    The company’s development team has developed numerous customized solutions and platforms for AR. With practical experience in in-depth AR technologies, the skilled team of AR developers provides persuasive AR apps in a short time. They work on AR filters, AR sports, 360 video experiences, mixed reality immersions, and more. The company team assures to provide remarkable customer experiences that boost their client engagement rates using AR technology.

  5. Hyperlink InfoSystem (Ahmedabad, India)

    Clutch Rating: 4.9

    Hyperlink Infosystem offers end-to-end IT services with promising results. The company provides competent AR App Development Services in India and other parts of the world. As a leading AR application development company, Hyperlink Infosystem uses the newest techniques as well as tools to speed up client project deliveries. They provide services for hiring AR developers india.

    The company has provided a range of solutions in augmented reality space and is known amongst top AR app development agencies India. The company’s devoted team works with demonstrated development methodologies having an apparent working pattern that provides curves to the client’s vision. You can be sure enough for the unique AR mobile apps and development solutions at quite reasonable rates within your planned time.

  6. CitrusBits (San Francisco, CA, USA)

    Clutch Rating: 5.0

    CitrusBits is one of the top mobile app agencies in the USA for user-focused designs, mobile application development, as well as other emerging technologies. They are enthusiastic about delivering mobile technology comprising augmented reality to assist their client’s businesses to reach their planned goals. They have produced a mobile app and web development with AR technologies in domains like gaming, eCommerce, medical procedures, digital marketing, advertising, as well as in the entertainment industry.

    AR application development at CitrusBits occurs on multiple platforms while the agency’s AR team is experts across mobile AR solutions comprising diverse platforms like ARCore, Unreal, ARKit, Unity, Vuforia, Xamarin, as well as web.

    The services of the company also include AR application design as one of the core competencies. With the aptitude to build eye-popping mobile applications with native and flawless AR experiences, CitrusBits assists businesses in developing interactive mobile applications that utilize AR functionalities to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  7. The Intellify (Ahmedabad, India)

    Clutch Rating: 5.0

    The Intellify is renowned as a leading Augmented Reality Development Agency, with VR as well as web development expertise. The company works with enterprises and startups of all sizes belonging to diverse sectors. They serve different industries such as education, finance, healthcare, real estate, print media, publications, retail, product packaging, as well as AR commerce. The company is a growing AR solution provider in India, coming up and making pioneering products that confront boundaries. They believe in sustainable solutions and have an innovative approach to technology as well as business.

  8. Techugo (Noida, India)

    Clutch Rating: 4.9

    Techugo is a top augmented reality app developer in India. All these years, the company has delivered the support for enabling business strategies, mobile application design, and development services to their varied customer base, which look forward to the digital transformations to spread out their current businesses.

    As a team, they deliver the quality-laden IT solutions for mobile app development and responsive web solutions tied with the most recent technologies. They cater to different techniques such as AR/ VR solutions, React Native, Flutter, IoT, and Blockchain to enable the scalable and robust technical infrastructure of diverse user’s needs. To be precise, the company is deeply involved with Location-based AR, Marker-based AR, as well as Superimposition-based AR solutions.

    The company works on solutions that can lend a hand to the clients to portray the most excellent features in front of the possible audience to clutch hold on the ever-changing market needs. The company further supports functions such as cloud recognition, 3D object tracking, chatbots as well as smart glasses support.

  9. Saritasa (Newport Beach, CA, USA)

    Clutch Rating: 4.8

    Saritasa is an augmented reality app development company that builds customized applications for its varied clientele. The company has a development team of specialist augmented reality app developers. The company offers AR solutions in the field of diverse businesses, learning, education, marketing, sales, and more.

    Saritasa also offers solutions that comprise customized 3D application development across web, mobile, virtual reality, and desktop. They cater advanced solutions for business development, education, training, marketing as well as sales. The company is set-up on long-term business and technology partnerships, which means that they want to earn their client’s loyalty and fulfill their expectations and also keep it. They execute this in the course of the commitments made to clients with absolute transparency in work and project processes. Though the regularity of updates will be at their client’s discretion, the company always keeps you up to date on the project status, overall budget, business risks as well as timelines.

  10. Quytech (Haryana, India)

    Clutch Rating: 4.7

    Quy Technology Pvt Ltd offers customized web and mobile software development services. The company has proficiency in niche technology solutions which includes AR app development services in India, IT consulting as well as outsourcing. The company holds a wide-ranging experience and sturdy software application development skill-sets. The company is further known as one of the best AR app development agencies in India.

    Quytech works with all sizes of clients, which include enterprise companies, startups as well as SMEs, assisting them in fine-tuning the newest mobile app strategies. The company offers end to end software and application development solutions initiating from conceptualization to implementation as well as technical support. The advanced IT solutions and connected services of the company speak on their customer expectations. Their solutions have positioned them across the world with well-defined standards of higher quality, best performance, and topmost productivity in the sector. They carry hand on experience in AR app development Services in India powered by modernized AR app solutions for their latent clients to enable their services.

Key Takeaways

The above-discussed companies possess exclusive AR app development abilities and experiences to facilitate you develop augmented reality mobile applications. You should visit all these websites to explore and fill inquiries for additional details.

These are the best-augmented reality app development companies in the USA & India that provide exclusive and unique solutions across the globe. You can even contact them personally for an augmented reality app development cost. And after proper analysis, select your precise technology growth partner and move ahead with your subsequent AR app development.