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Why Should You Choose Python for Web Development?

Why Use Python for Web Development
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Aug 20 2022

We are living in the digital era and most of the businesses are started to reply on the websites for branding and promotions.
Python is a top programming language for creating a robust web applications. It offers number of advanced web frameworks like Django to make easy code.

As per the statistics times, Python is first ranked most used programming language across the globe. There is no doubt that this #1 is remain constant in upcoming years!

Why Use Python for Web Development Projects?

Vast community of developers choose Python for their web development projects. There is a number of reasons why use Python for web development and all of these we are going to discuss in this article.

  1. Python is quite secure and has been around for quite long
    Python has been around for almost 30 years since the 1990s. It has seen continuous development led by its original creator Guido van Rossum.Although some web developers using Python may find mature, reliable technology dull, in the long run, they are the ones that prove to be effective.An expert Python coder is fully aware of the language’s advantages and disadvantages that come with it. Developers don’t need to be inventive or think outside the box to solve common problems.

    This is handy, especially if you want to ensure your online application is as safe as possible.

    Python is frequently used in the banking industry because it excels at handling massive volumes of data. It makes it very simple (for an experienced developer) to create impenetrable apps with military-grade security.

  2. The Python library is a treasure trove of information
    Do you need eccentric plots and themes for your site? You, as a developer, can take care of it with the help of Matplotlib. If your web application requires machine learning functionalities, then the best ML library in the world, TensorFlow, will help you.Or, to be more precise, do you require Python code with the strength of SQL? With 5.8K Github stars, SQLAlchemy can be a significant deal.
    With the help of this library, you can use Python to quickly and easily access databases with the strength of tried-and-true corporate development practices.There is more than 350,000 Python packages available in Python Package Index by 2022.

    There are small Python libraries to powerful, sophisticated tools. A library will help you with every deal and need, including specialized web development with Python.

  3. You get Django with Python
    One of the major Python frameworks for web development is Django. It is very useful and has a powerful and agile library collection.Many big names like Instagram use it as a comprehensive platform for building any web application. It has the ideal functionalities of a good framework, like easing the process of building a web server. Now, the Python developers can actively focus only on tackling demanding work and not on basic problems.Flask, which is kind of the antithesis of Django web development, is an option for anyone who dislikes it but still needs a Python web development framework. Because it’s a microframework, it has fewer pre-made components than Django but is more adaptable.

    Risk management is the most significant distinction between Django and Flask from a business perspective. Django can handle more use cases out of the box, saving you time, but the Flask framework will require more effort to adapt to evolving circumstances.

  4. Python Developers are everywhere
    As per reported, there is approx 4.3 millions python developers present in the world.Python is frequently used to create web backends, but many developers also use it for other purposes in their daily activities.Python and Machine Learning, along with AI, definitely go hand-in-hand. It presently serves as the primary language for AI and ML, and experts predict it will keep dominating.

    Technicalities through AI or ML tools greatly influence Python’s popularity because it’s now one of, if not the only hottest fields in computer science. Because of its ubiquity, Python has attracted a lot of experienced engineers. You should find it considerably simpler to hire Python developers for your team as a result than, say, C++ developers.

What are the Key Benefits of using Python for Web Development?

There are many benefits you can get when you smartly use Python for Web Development; here are some of them:

  • It is comparatively easy to learn
    Because of the syntax’s flexibility, dealing with complex systems is quite possible. Communication amongst developers working on the same project has improved greatly.A language’s ease of learning implies that novice developers or developers without prior python knowledge may quickly pick up the language and enter the development team.
  • Get benefited from powerful python frameworks
    Python web development frameworks, including Django, Web2Py, Turbogears, Pyramids, and flask, are some of the more famous ones. These frameworks function similarly to toolboxes and have a design to expedite the creation of web applications.They provide standardized code packages and modules that might help you in many application domains (URL routing, HTTP requests, database access, and responses).
  • Offers variety in libraries
    You may employ a variety of Python libraries to expedite the building of your application. You may avoid developing everything from scratch using these libraries, which are collections of fully prepared code.
  • Provides better readability
    Python’s emphasis on readability and similarity to our ordinary language makes it feasible for programmers to create readable code.Read More:- Best Python IDEs and Code Editors

When Can You Use Python for Web Development?

One thing that might bug you as a developer is whether Python is the right fit for your project or not. This question can only be answered after looking at the kind of project you have undertaken.

However, there are a few general things to keep in mind if you want to check if Python is right for you or not:

  • You require a good execution speed and development
    As is customary, some developers will claim that Python is excellent for efficiency, while others willP provide many reasons why they contradict. It is incorrect to assert that Python makes it tough to obtain speedy execution.The misconception originates from CPython, the standard Python implementation. By itself, CPython consumes resources slowly, like it’s a lazy day every day; however, this issue Performance can be increased by optimizing it, using a unique architecture, or using tools like PyPy, Cython, and Asyncio.
  • You are quickly looking for professional developers
    Junior Python programmers may create websites with excellent outcomes. Even if money is involved, you shouldn’t be concerned about novice Pythonistas developing your upcoming web application. This is wonderful since getting novice Python engineers is less demanding than other programming languages.However, remember that “a bit simpler” doesn’t always mean it’s straightforward in this profession. Python seniors are also a little easier to locate. Said, there is a larger talent pool accessible than for lesser-used languages.A python is a fantastic option if you need to quickly assemble a team, get work underway, and guarantee that you reach the MVP stage swiftly.
  • The core of your business has complex data sets
    The two industries that immediately spring to mind as being ideal for Python are fintech and Medtech.Python for fintech applications has specifically become too prevalent in this day and age.The need to forecast outcomes, the necessity for AI because the issues are too complicated for humans to solve effectively, and the frequently disastrous effects of poor decisions – finance and healthcare have it all.

    Of course, these aren’t the only sectors with many dangers and data.

    Consider the data that forms the basis of your business model when deciding whether Python is the best choice for your project.

    Python may be a wonderful option if it’s as sophisticated as banking or healthcare, as the primary technology, or in a supporting position.

Downsides of Using Python for Web Applications

Although Python comes with its set of upsides regarding its usage in Web Applications, it has its cons too. Here are some of the downsides of utilizing Python for web applications.

  • True multiprocessor support is scarce
    Multiprocessing is a crucial component when it comes to application development. Even though it isn’t as versatile or practical as other languages, Python does offer multiprocessing. When developing the code, this could lead to certain restrictions.
  • There are certain limitations when it comes to speed
    Developers frequently criticize Python’s speed. It’s an interpretative script language, which means that because of the many techniques it employs to translate code, it is often slower than many of its compiled counterparts, such as C/C++ or Java.Some Python samples, however, perform more quickly than those for C and C++.
    Python is not the only language that might experience speed issues. On the low end of the spectrum are also Perl, Ruby, and even JavaScript.Since several speed-related concerns have been resolved and improved, Python remains a popular choice among software development teams.
  • It is not an ideal language when it comes to explicit mobile development
    It’s not that bad of a language regarding mobile development. Only a small number of businesses utilize it for that purpose, favoring React Native or native iOS and Android development.Due to the same reason, you’ll undoubtedly have trouble finding engineers with experience in Python mobile programming. It’s simply less well-known than other technology in this field.
  • Not the best choice for executing works that are memory intensive
    The adaptability of Python’s data types is well recognized in the developers’ sphere. Because of this, it consumes a large amount of memory and is difficult to utilize for memory-intensive activities.
  • It comes with certain design restrictions and boundaries
    Because Python is dynamically typed, it can do several operations that a statically typed language would not be capable of during app execution. This limits how you are going to utilize the designs.If your design has a lot of components, the software can become stuck and malfunction.When contemplating Python for your work, you should also be aware that synchronization and symmetry aren’t designed to be used elegantly. The design might not appear as sophisticated as you’d want.

Key Takeaways

The answer to the question of whether Python is ideal for web development is easy.

Yes! You can use Python for your web development project but before that you need to check the requirements and scope of the project.

Talking about the benefits it can offer was much more engaging for us, and they unquestionably have a broad width.

Python makes it possible to create apps that easily transition from a modest project to fully functional and multifaceted software. Python may be a fantastic choice for many different sorts of projects, regardless of your level of programming experience or if you are a business owner.

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FAQs On Using Python for Web Development

  1. Why is Python the best choice for Web Development?
    This is due to Python’s ability to provide dynamic typing capabilities for web pages. This flexible programming language enables developers to construct various programs, including games, web services, industrial applications, fintech applications, command-line utilities, and application programs with graphics.
  2. Is Python necessary for web development?
    Web apps that run on servers are capable of being created using Python. Although a web framework is not necessary to create web apps, it is uncommon for developers to forego using open-source software to quicken the development of their software. Python has no utility in creating a web browser.
  3. Is it easy to develop a web application with Python?
    It is easy to create a web application using Python because of it’s code syntax.Python code is short in comparison of other programming languages and also it is easy to learn.The need for developers with this expertise is enormous, yet it might be challenging to locate a reliable Python web development business.
  4. What are the main features of Python?
    Some of the important features and functionalities of Python consist of:
    ● It is easy to read
    ● It is easy to code
    ● It is free of cost and is also an open-source
    ● It has a robust standard library
    ● It is portable and extensible
  5. What is the advantage of using Python?
    The main advantage of using Python is “less coding”.If you compare it to other languages, almost all jobs done in Python require less code.You won’t need to look for any third-party libraries to complete your task because Python has incredible support for its libraries and tools.
  6. Why use Python with Django?
    The main answer to why use Python Programming with Django is quite simple. You may create the full data model for your project in Python without using SQL and alternatively by launching a Django project.Django changes conventional database design into Python classes using an object-relational mapper (ORM) to simplify it to operate in a completely effective Python environment.
  7. Why is Django better than other frameworks?
    Django is the best framework for building web applications because it enables developers to use modules for quicker construction.
    Developers could use these modules to build online tools from an existing source and also back needed functionalities through Python.
    The development process is substantially accelerated because you no longer need to code from scratch.
  8. Is Django good for big projects?
    Django is the perfect framework for building big sized web applications because it empowers programmers to utilize modules for quicker development. A developer can use Python and these modules to build online tools from a trusted source.
  9. Why is flask used in Python?
    With the guidance of beneficial features and functionality, the flask is a small and portable Python web framework that facilitates the development of online applications. It allows ease to developers and serves as an approachable framework for novice developers because they can easily create a web project with only one Python file.
  10. What are some good Python Projects?
    Some good projects include Hangman Game, Email Slicer Project, Desktop Notifier, Mad Libs Generator, and many more.