Client Requirement

The client needed to bring their recruiting strategy to modern standards: automated resume screening, enriched candidate profiling, and gaining actionable insights with analytics. Their specific requirements were:
Automation of Candidate Screening: Automate the beginning of the recruitment process to thoroughly filter candidates according to predefined criteria.
Enhanced Candidate Profiling: Leverage AI to deeply scrutinize candidates’ applications, including sentiment analysis on the cover letter, into predictive success analytics.
Data-driven decision-making: Deploy BI tools and apps for real-time intelligence and analytics on recruitment campaigns, candidate engagement, and the success rate of hiring.
Scalability and Integration: To scale up, ensure that the solution fits the increasing data and can seamlessly integrate with the existing HR system.


Data Complexity: Managing, maintaining, and processing large volumes of unstructured data from resumes, cover letters, and social media profiles.
AI Model Accuracy: Developing AI models that accurately assess and predict candidate suitability beyond basic qualifications, including cultural fit and potential for growth.
Integration with Existing Systems: Integrating the new AI and BI systems with the client’s existing HR technologies without disrupting ongoing recruitment processes.
User Training and Adoption: Ensuring the client’s HR team could effectively use the new system and trust its recommendations.

AI Hiring Software for Smart Recruitment


Design and Prototyping

Technostacks partnered with HR professionals to craft a system that follows the best industry practices in recruitment, using state-of-the-art AI and BI technology to bring about the best results.

AI Based Recruiting Solutions

Development and Integration

AI Model Development: The team was involved in the development and training of the AI models for parsing resumes, text data for sentiment analysis, and predicting candidate success.
BI Dashboard Implementation: BI Dashboard Implementation Integrated BI tools – Customizable dashboards for real-time recruitment analytics supporting strategic decisions.
System Integration: Integrated the solution carefully with the HR systems in place for the client, ensuring data consistency and reliability in the work process.

Resume builder case study

Testing, Training, and Optimization

System Testing: The system has been tested rigorously to ensure that the system is reliable and accurate enough to screen and evaluate candidates.
Training Programs: Developed detailed training sessions for the HR staff to enable maximum realization of proficiency in the use of the new system.
Feedback and Optimization: It has been an iterative refinement due to user feedback to ensure the system is meeting all operational needs.


The BI technology embedded in the AI recruitment model has achieved successful transformation in the client’s recruitment process in several ways:
Increased Efficiency:Reduced the time for preliminary screening of candidates by 70%, therefore, giving more time to HR personnel to engage with potential hires.
Improved Candidate Matching: Improved quality of hires by making good matches between candidate profiles and job requirements, as well as the company’s culture.
Actionable Insights: They provided the HR team with actionable insights regarding recruitment patterns and outcomes that then facilitated data-driven improvements in recruitment strategies.
High User Satisfaction: Human users from HR staff express significant satisfaction with the system, in terms of the usability of the system and the trustworthiness of the recommendations made by the AI system.

AI based Hiring Platform


The deployment of AI-powered recruitment combined with BI technology by Technostacks shall take sophistication in the modern recruitment process a step ahead and the way the client can manage and process recruitment data to a new level. This case study is a first-hand testament to how one can use AI and BI to change the conventional ways of doing business to evolve into new, intelligent, efficient systems that help in success and growth.

Technologies Used