Client Requirement

  • The client needed a creative solution for the problem of manual data entry. Their objectives included
  • Automation of Data Capture: Automates the extraction of text and data from each of the scanned documents and images.
  • Enhancement of Data Processing: Tap into the state-of-the-art of AI not only for reading but also for interpretation, validation, and putting into usable formats.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Any new solution will have to interface and exchange data from the existing Client’s database and workflow management systems.
  • Scalability: The solution should be scalable to different volumes of documents, accommodating changes without losing speed or precision.


Accuracy in Diverse Formats: High data extraction accuracy for a wide variety of document formats and qualities.
Custom AI Model Development: The development of generative AI models through customized generative AI methodologies in the training process according to the unique needs for data interpretation expressed by the client.
System Integration: The solution will be integrated into the IT infrastructure at your place with no hindrance to the ongoing activity.
Handling Sensitive Data: Adequate security measures must be taken to handle sensitive information by data protection legislation.

Generative AI model processing data entries


Requirement Analysis and Design

Technostacks collaborated with different stakeholders to gather the detailed requirements and designed a solution architecture that would leverage AWS Textract for data extraction and Generative AI for conducting deeper data processing tasks.

Advanced data entry automation


AWS Textract Integration: This was introduced into the system AWS Textract, which was capable of text and data extraction from scanned documents and even in a digital format.
Generative AI Models: Developed and integrated custom Generative AI models to conduct further processing on extracted data, e.g., categorizing data and validating its accuracy, identifying the key pieces of information required for further processing.
System Integration: Ensured that the interface of the solution was smooth with the customer’s databases already in place and workflow systems for an uninterrupted flow of data.
Security Implementation: Strict access controls with end-to-end encryption were implemented to ensure data security and compliance.

Testing and Optimization

Pilot Testing: The system was pilot tested using actual, live data to make sure the system was working as desired under all possible conditions.
Feedback Integration:Integrated feedback from early users for the next iteration of functionalities and usability enhancements.
Optimization: Optimized the system for speed and accuracy, ensuring it could scale according to the client’s document processing volumes.

Document Intelligence with Amazon Textract


The deployment of Smart Data Entry with AWS Textract was a significant modernization of the data entry processes for the client. Some of the highlighted outcomes were:
Increased Efficiency: It cut the data entry time by more than half the percentage, and it led to a huge increase in the flow of the workflow process.
High Accuracy Rates: This has resulted in data extraction and data processing accuracy levels above 98%.
Enhanced Data Security: This, in turn, with the increase in the number of safeguards, ensures stronger data security and brings about improved industry compliance with regulations.
User Satisfaction: The technology exhibited very high levels of user adoption and satisfaction due to the ease of integration and use.


For our client, who had manual data entry for more than 80% of their operations, Technostacks implementing Smart Data Entry using AWS Textract and Generative AI has turned out to be one of the game-changing solutions, having reduced the volume of labor and risks about the data processing operation. The case study is proving how traditional business processes can be automated with advanced AI technologies integrated into cloud services.

Technologies Used

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