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The TYMR app is client’s Patent idea we bring it to reality. The client is looking to create a solution where he can enroll Gyms and customers can download the app and pay for the time only they spent in the Gym and not for the month or yearly subscriptions. On the other side, the Gyms get the help from getting fast turnaround by daily payment and earn benefits from the people who are not regular in going the gym and avoid paying monthly or yearly fees. The concept is for new technology gym nearby user’s current location, the app will detect when a user enters and exit the gym and pay hourly rate through credit card.

Project Detail


  • Secure native and Facebook login.
  • Find nearby Gym
  • Notification for CheckIN and CheckOUT
  • Credit card payment.

To fulfill the requirement for an automated system for Gym we have to define iBeacon technology. iBeacon is a bluetooth device which can be connected with any smart phones. Each gym has iBeacon Fixed near to reception area or Gym another area.

What is iBeacon?

  • From welcoming people as they arrive at a sporting event to providing information about a nearby gym exhibit, iBeacon opens a new world of possibilities for location awareness, and countless opportunities for interactivity between iOS devices and iBeacon hardware.
  • When a user finds a nearby gym on google Map, the app will detect the 10-meter area from the beacon and send a notification to the user for asking to check in the Gym and same for when users are going to exit the gym give notification for CheckOut the gym.
  • For the payment module, we have integrated Stripe payment through credit card. The system calculates the total workout time and according to the define hourly cost, pay with user’s Credit card and Mail the report of workout and payment Details.
  • For the further reference, App is showing the History details which were visited before with date and Gym and payment details.
  • For adding the Gym details and manage gym Records Developed two admin panels for the system.
    • First is the super admin who has all access to add new gym with allocated beacons, Reports for monthly revenue.
    • Second Gym Admin who will add Gym images, gym opening time, gym hourly cost, Gym services and do payment if any user has interrupt while CheckOUT. Also, Gym admin will come to know how many users are in the gym currently.