Client Requirement

The client approached Technostacks to develop an on-demand transportation application in the local language to enable related users to manage their day to day product delivery, shopping, shipment, and taxi service functions.

Project Features & Functionalities

1. Delivery Services

We have created an on-demand delivery platform through this app that everyone can use effortlessly. The users can sign up and start fulfilling orders, and any of the users can download the application, order any of the items locally, and have it delivered. We provide quick messenger services to the app customers and deliver personal as well as business packages.

2. Shopping Services

By a user-friendly application and a local network of trustworthy shoppers, we helped in connecting users to stores for their day to day essentials. The app saves them time, fuel, and efforts of its users.

on-demand delivery service app
on-demand courier delivery app

Technology-based Functionalities Used in the Project

3. Shipment Services

The application assists in placing an order, pick routes, and provide seamless shipment services – all executed from a single place.

4. Taxi Services

The app connects you to swift, fitting, and secure rides. Just download the app and simply request for rides with a button click.


With our thriving efforts, we at Technostacks delivered MENA’s Local Courier Service Booking App in local language as per the needs of the client. We enabled the client to add the chat features between the admin and users. We are also facilitating the bug fixings and brought considerable enhancements in the ideation of the app.

With this all-inclusive project, the client achieved and is offering the best experience to its users. By making possible the flawless access to business customers, the app delivers precise products right on time. The app services are meeting complete business and consumer excellence that too in a highly professional manner. Further, we even enabled the users and related stakeholders to use the application with flexibility as well as ease. We at Technostacks would endlessly challenge ourselves to go beyond our client expectations by delivering cutting-edge solutions as per their requirements.

Technologies Used

STOMP Protocol
iOS app