Client Requirements

The client came up with an exclusive idea for the survey’ replacement procedure. Traditional surveys entirely depend on responses that are largely textual or numerical, which in most cases do not strictly capture the exact true emotions of the respondents. On the other hand, The application intends to address this shortcoming by introducing a video-based emotion analysis that is highly innovative.

Incorporating camera-based emotion analysis, the platform enables real-time detection of the respondents’ emotions while they fill out the survey. This innovation makes it possible to get facial expressions and gestures analyses from the gathered data which gives an all-round understanding of how the respondent feels at that instance in time. This innovation results in data that is a lot richer than just plain text or numbers and additionally, it gives the organization crucial insights into how emotionally engaged their target audience is in answering the survey questions.

In general, the use of camera-based emotion analysis for survey methods signifies a milestone in the integration of technology in understanding people’s reactions. It goes beyond the conventional textual or numerical shows of respondents’ emotions giving an in-depth overview of their emotions. This breakthrough will be able to enable more insightful analysis of surveys, improving the decision-making processes and overall consumer experiences.

facial expression recognition for online survey
facial expression recognition for online survey

What Have We Developed?

Our approach to having the online survey platform developed encompassed the following elements:

1. Create Workspaces: Our intuitive interface helps make even the processes to create, customize, and manage your survey projects.

2. Wide Range of Question Types: The platform offers multiple choice, rating scales, open-ended, and many more types of questions for users to collect specific data points and insights.

3. Sentiment Analysis: Besides sentiment analysis, the application helps to generate the feelings and sentiments of the respondents which become essential features to expose in light of their experiences and views.

4. Seamless Response Capture: The platform has integrated the streamlined capturing of responses not just on text-based response but also camera-based emotion detection to have it faster without any inaccurate details.

5. Eye Calibration: The eye calibration feature is used due to which featured facial expressions are detected with more accuracy, further resulting in the presence of finer emotion analysis contributing to improved data.

6. Preference Testing: This platform offers the benefit of a preference testing feature where users can review and compare multiple available options or variations enabling data-driven decision-making of respondents’ preferences.

What Have We Resolved?

Enhanced Emotional Insight: The integration of camera-based emotion analysis in online survey building platform allows a deep understanding of the respondent’s emotions, thereby providing data-driven decision-making with rational and emotional inputs.

Enhanced User Experience: The online survey building platform boasts having an intuitive user interaction, innovative question types, as well as perfected camera-based emotion analysis that boosts the response rates and in turn the data quality itself.

Comprehensive Data Set: Perhaps more than any other known application of its kind in modern-day technology, The application unifies a complete dataset by capturing text-based captures as well as camera-based captures that can be analyzed to derive insights.

Streamlined Survey Creation: The online survey building platform has otherwise streamlined the survey creation with no-brainer workspace creation that reduces efforts for organizations and time constraints.

Driving Decision-Making With Data: With sentiment analysis and preference tests, The application provides organizations with a data-driven way around decision-making on emotional impact and respondent’s preferences.

Drill-Down Analysis: The application allows to drill down into the details of survey data, wherein users get to investigate specific sections, question responses, and even sentiment analysis at a glance visible for granular insights.

online survey software with video-based emotion analysis
facial expression recognition software for survey
online survey software with video-based emotion analysis


Data-Driven Decision-Making: The online survey platform offers emotion analysis, sentiment analysis, and preference tests for better decision-making considering rational and emotional factors.

Better Customer Experiences: Capturing and analyzing emotions enhances the way customer experiences are understood and improves the ways to target improvement for building stronger relationships.

Streamlined Surveys: A simple intuitive interface and customizable question types make it quick and actionable to create a survey while allowing to analysis of high-quality data at its best.

Deeper Insights: Granular insights assess accurate insights to analyze sentiment analysis, preference tests, and comprehensive reporting from this platform’s decision-making.

Improved Stakeholder Engagement: With customizable reports, its effective communication of findings and possible driving of collaboration or use of survey findings.

Continuous Improvement: With the capturing of emotions, the application propels iterative developments for making refinements in its offerings, optimizing strategy, and resolving customer issues to remain pertinent in the dynamics of competitiveness.


The implementation of this platform revolutionized the modus operandi of survey analysis. All the traditional limitations were very effectively coped with, through the inclusion of generating reports based on emotion analysis, sentiment analysis, and conducting preference tests in camera-based techniques. The kind of depth that its SurveyBuilder features offered helped them obtain better insights, ensure informed decisions, process simplification, and give a superior customer experience. The online survey platform has established itself as one of the top market research companies, using the capabilities of SurveyBuilder to drive innovation and deliver action-based insight for its clients.

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