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Technologies : iOS App and PHP
Category Name : Productivity & Business



Speedy Fax is a mechanized solution that can send a fax from an application rather than a fax device. The user can scan numerous times and make a PDF of all scanned documents. He can even save the documents in iTunes Drive and DropBox right before sending.


Compatibility : With iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


Size : 57.6 MB

send a fax from iPhone

Client Requirement


The client approached Technostacks to develop an application which can send a fax from a mobile application instead of using a conventional fax machine. The client wanted an application which can facilitate scanning of different documents and saving it in diverse formats.

Technology-based Functionalities Used in the Project


In this mobile application, Technostacks has utilised native apple's framework for detecting documents via a smartphone camera. The app can detect the border of the document and have seamless image processing prior to sending. The detection can be enabled by both automatic and manual modes where user can crop, edit, mark, and update within the document before sending it to the receiver's fax machine.


Further, the user can process the document in grayscale (black & white) using a third party software solution platform.

Speedy FAX Application Features


best iOS app to send a fax

  • Scanning of documents and saving it in PDF format
  • Storing of documents in iTunes drive and DropBox
  • Upload any types and categories of documents
  • Send any file type as fax including PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG, TIFF and HTML
  • Generate new documents with images as you go in the form of Photo Gallery and Camera
  • Import any types of documents through iCloud, Google Drive, Box or any other source
  • User can purchase credits to send a fax which can be integrated using in-app purchases
  • Application allows you to send faxes within 30+ different countries
  • The application has a dashboard from where you can review your credits and purchase credits
  • User can anytime check fax status - if it’s received, sent, in process or failed
  • If the fax is failed user will be able to receive its credits back


One can have access to advanced document scanning and image processing through this mobile application. Get the best possible quality achieved, no matter what types of documents one uses. The user can combine multiple documents into a single fax with a preview of any document prior to sending. You can download Speedy FAX from iTunes and commence sending of fax today itself.