Client Requirements

Before implementing our ultrasonic image reading web-based tool, our client found it hard to manage all the tasks that are related to ultrasonic image reading and reporting.

The scheduling of clinicians, upload and assignment of images, quality control (QC) processes, generation of PDF reports, and maintenance of patient and report history for comparison were all problematic with the manual workflows.

These challenges also presented inefficiencies and delays, further increasing the risk of errors associated with the diagnostic process. In realizing the need to do away with a reliance on manual processes and improve user experience, as well as compatibility across operations, we created a technical breakthrough for managing and interpreting ultrasonic images.

Our web-based tool ensures a seamless workflow, accuracy, and the best collaborative approach between all healthcare providers involved hence enhancing on the quality care accorded to the patients.


Our web-based ultrasonic image reading tool is meant to address the challenges posed to our client in controlling ultrasonic image reading and reporting. Completely doing away with manual processes, enhancing its usage and making it compatible across operations, our solution will completely overhaul the way ultrasonic images have been handled hitherto.

Our tool allows healthcare providers to schedule sonographers efficiently and increases their availability for scanning patients. We have used combination of Computer vision ( CNN model ) & OpenAI to read the Ultrasonic image and automatically produce results for sonographers to manually review and approve it. Both the image uploading process and its assignment are automated wherein chances of errors are being minimized while doing the assignment process. Provision for final report accuracy due to very strict verifications of readings through its quality control module.

Our solution automates the prompts of PDF report generation removes laborious manual manpower and allows for prompt delivery to patients and account rooms. The optimized ease with current and prior reports through a centralized tracking system allows for an effective comparison while monitoring the progress of diseases.

It has an annotation feature through which the readers (doctors) mark lines over the ultrasonic images and assist them in diagnosing the arterial plaque as per the criteria given by the client. This way it enhances the accuracy of a diagnosis of the plaque and its consistency.

web-based tool for annotation of ultrasound images

We have implemented this web-based ultrasonic image reading tool which will play a transformative role in the way our client operates. The manual processes are gone, and their attendant errors and delays so gone as well. Better usability and compatibility in running the operations will promote an easy collaboration of the healthcare practitioners, thus the ability to study, analyze, and make prompt decisions. In the long run, our system enables healthcare providers to make correct diagnoses, improve patient care, and subsequently enhance efficiency.

digital tool for ultrasonic images reading
web-based annnotation system for ultrasound images

Enhanced Collaboration: Our tool facilitates collaboration amongst healthcare providers by providing an integrated platform for the sonographer, the reader (doctor), and the administration staff. Timely communication and access to requisite information facilitate teamwork and serve to underscore coordinated attention to the patient.


The following were the positive outcomes on the user that followed the installation of our web-based Ultrasonic Image Reading tool. These include:

Streamlined Efficiency: The use of this tool eliminates the manual processes that require activities like scheduling, image uploading, and report generation thus making workflow more efficient for healthcare providers.

Higher Accuracy: Our solution has higher accuracy in detecting conditions like arterial plaque because of the strong quality control module which sees to it that complete checking of readings is carried out.

By eliminating the error and inconsistency makes the final reports more reliable so that the healthcare professionals take wise decisions pertinent to the health of the patient.

Timely Delivery of Reports: Being automatically generated into PDF reports, the same will be timely delivered to the accounts offices of patients.

On the side of patients themselves, this has a way of making them have an enhanced experience with the health professionals as well as enhancing those in the health profession to timely communicate and make decisions among themselves on the interventions and treatments of these patients.

Comprehensive Data Management: The patients and report history are managed centrally, and thus the new and older reports can easily be accessed and can be compared as well. Disease progression monitoring, effectiveness of treatment monitoring, and following data-driven decisions for a healthier care of the patient is made possible through the health providers.


We defined a web-based ultrasonic image reading tool that revolutionized our client’s workflow. Our solution did away with manual processes, brought accuracy and efficiency gains, and provided comprehensive data management for better patient care and optimum operations. The successful adoption of our tool demonstrates the potential in our tool being able to transform medical diagnostic processes to improve outcomes for ultrasonic image reading and reporting.

Technologies Used

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