To facilitate easy, quick and extensive summary of expenses of the yacht for the end user


  • The app was categorized into basic and advanced level where in it needs custom IU for end user representation.
    • a) Basic category enables quick easy calculation just changing the sliders based on parameters mentioned. All representation generated using Sunburst chart and its summary.
    • b) Advanced is using custom input from end user for the actual value. Here they can store their yachts. Customize their inputs for all parameters in detail
  • Privilege of allowance of sharing their calculations using share functionality via Email.
  • Catered to all data and log management via control panel by the admin. Feasibility for admin to manage versions for sandbox and production.


  • Quick, easy, User friendly, reliable solution for Yacht renting or personnel use.
  • Facility to dig in detailed break up using Sunburst chart, total summary with categories as well as sub categories
  • Data Transparency end user per se as calculations can be shared.
  • Exclusive Admin rights to be able to decide version of calculator to go live using Sandbox or production.
  • Facilitates end user to save their Yachts (Advanced Calculator Tab) and have their own space of input for categories and sub – catergories.

Technologies Used

iOS app