Technostacks Terms Of Use

Welcome to Technostacks! We offer to venture into the world of software development and ensure that you have the best of experience working with us. To make this process easier and beneficial for both our clients and us, we must govern a few terms and conditions. If you wish and desire to continue using our website, you must agree to the terms and conditions policy.

These policies have been created and formulated to ensure that you have a safe experience and provide the same for our other users. The entire world of the internet is baffling, and hence only by agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions can we move forward.

We have used the word “we,” which would imply Technostacks as the service provider for all your project requirements. The “you” refers to our lovely clients. Each of these points has been curated, keeping in mind the duties that we are entrusted with and how we can make the process more professional in nature.

However, please remember that the terms and policies are binding for each and every client, and only agreeing to the same will allow you to move forth. Once you have read them in detail, only then proceed to make further alliances. You agree that you are at least 18 years of age and owe citizenship by agreeing to these specific conditions.

  • Company Discretion

    We completely own the content that you see on our web page, and hence the sole discretion of changing or using the same lies with Technostacks. Under no circumstances or scenario will we allow anyone to use or post on our behalf. The company can change any of the conditions without prior discretion.

    Use of any of the intellectual properties without permission may invite unwanted legal implications. You can choose to view the website and download the material for personal reference only. Any kind of tampering will invite legal solicitations.

  • Accept Cookies

    The major workings of the website are based on cookies. Hence in order to administer the website, you have to accept the cookies. Acceptance of cookies is a crucial part of smooth administration.

  • Time Discretions

    The principal aim of Technostacks is to deliver the work within the stipulated period. However, do remember that we might be overburdened with work from time to time, and hence it might require us some extra time.

    Our discrete request is to keep up with these limitations and allow us the extra time if needed. In case of any unforeseen emergency, the client will be intimidated well in advance about the delay. Not only that, but we will also let the 3rd party client be aware of when the stipulated time frame can be. The viability also depends on the availability of resources that can be subjected to change under the prevailing situation.

  • Harassment

    The company holds a strict policy and ensures that it does not promote an environment of harassment. This scenario implies that we do not endorse any kind of sexual, verbal, or even digital threat. If any of such notions come to our purview, then the company will be forced to cancel the delivery before completion of the tenure.

    We are also against any third-party vendor who is involved in fraudulent activities, and that too with our name engaged in the same. In case you have any illegal connections, which can hamper the sanctity of the website or the other users, legal implications will be solicited. Any kind of damage or alterations which might be detrimental for the website will also involve stringent measures and incur permanent cancellation of any further services.

  • Personal Information

    In order to use the website, it is imperative that we have to take note of specific information like the IP address, location of access, and similar other system information. This scenario allows us to ensure that the environment is safe for users as well as does not invite any kind of legal implications.

    The information that we gather is entirely in safe hands, and we ensure that the best possible secured measures are used for guarding the same. Be rest assured that your personal data is safe with us, and the sanctity will be safeguarded under all circumstances.

  • Payments

    Technostacks accepts payments in cash as well as in digital formats. However, we do owe the right to cancel any of the formats without prior notice. We might also charge a cancellation fee if a cancellation is made without prior notice. If there is no payment from the clients' end, there will be legal proceedings. The prices for each of the services can also be altered without prior notice. Technostacks holds all the rights regarding payment rights and the discretion to change the prices anytime!

  • Revision of Work

    Any extra features not included in the scope of work will be considered and priced separately through a change management procedure. Scope Creeps after wireframe approval would be billed as extra work, resulting in longer delivery times and higher costs. Most small changes/rework are usually only finished; however, if we believe this is being misused, we will compile a list of works found to be the source of abuse and bill them accordingly.

    Technostacks is a software development endeavour, and it is our prerogative to make sure that the best services are provided to all our clients and stakeholders.