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8 Important Reasons Why You Need eCommerce Mobile App

ecommerce mobile app
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Nov 27 2019

The one thing that matters most for all the eCommerce stores out there is an online presence. Stronger online presence, the more impact they will be able to create on their prospective customers. This scenario is the reason why most of the eCommerce stores prefers to use mobile app.

The users prefer shopping on mobile devices and it is an effective way to increase sales, reinforce the client base, and boost your brand. All these things and many others shows the need for mobile eCommerce development.

Ever-increasing Mobile Shoppers

Most of the people start relying on mobile apps because of the convenience that they provide. The world is continually evolving, and the number of people who want to shop on their mobiles is increasing rapidly.

Creating a website that supports mobile is good, but if you are going to give a personalized and an even better experience for the customers, then it is high time for you to start an eCommerce app. An app will be on customer’s mobile all the time, and whenever they want to shop, they will open the app. Apart from that, various other reasons prove the importance of mobile app for the eCommerce stores out there.

Statistics Associated with Mobile Usage

Statista Report Smartphone Users Numbers

According to research, the number of people who used to shop in mobiles at the end of 2017 was 2.7 billion, and it is expected that this number will reach 3.8 billion by 2021. The significant use of mobile shopping proves how important it is to have an eCommerce app.

Soon, people will almost stop shopping on their desktops and completely rely on mobile apps. Do you know the estimated mobile retail value? It is 151 billion USD. Yes, the mobile retail value is multiplying, proving how the importance of a mobile app for your online store.

Why Customers Spend More Time on Mobiles?

Mobiles are easy to carry around, and people have it with them almost all the time. This is not possible for laptops and desktops. The mobility that people get with smartphones is the main reason why they spend more time with them. Hence it is common for people to shop online on mobiles rather than shop with them offline.

Advantages of eCommerce Mobile Apps

It is a pretty simple benefit of having a mobile eCommerce app. You can reach customers almost at any time with ease.

  1. Make Better Shopping Experience For Customers

    Just imagine a situation where you have to shop for something. You can go to your desktop, open a particular eCommerce store, and search for the thing that you like. For this, you have to remember the URL of that store along with your login credentials. This scenario isn’t necessary with an app. All you have to do is open and unlock the app to search for the items that you want.

    Shoppers prefer online stores for a reason- convenience, and an app is the best way to make their shopping experience convenient when compared to other options available. This convenience will inevitably boost your store revenue, and isn’t it the one thing that we all look out for in websites!

  2. Increase revenue Of Your eCommerce Store

    The mobile apps have a 130 % better average order value when compared to mobile sites and 140% better average order value when compared to the desktop sites. As said, there are a plethora of reasons for this, but one of the most important reasons is the announcement of offers.

    If you are running a sale online, the customer will get to know about it when they visit your website only. They won’t know about it until and unless you market it on TVs and all other social media sites (which will cost you a fortune).

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  3. Send Push Notifications For Discount Offers

    if you have an app, you can send push notifications for users whenever there is a big sale on your store. This scenario is one of the best ways to attract customers and a cost-effective way of marketing. If you craft these notifications attractive enough, you will be able to lure the customers into shopping with you too.

    Along with the ease of shopping, customers will get to visit your store whenever you are running huge discounts. They can buy and add things to the cart with just one click. The customers who are returning to your store again can make the most out of these kinds of offers. This is one of the best in the benefits of a mobile app for eCommerce.

  4. Enhances User Interface

    If you observe any eCommerce app out there and compare it with the respective website, you will understand the importance of this interface. The user interface is one of the most important things that people look out for a while buying products online. They need a platform that is very easy to use and shop. An app provides such ease to your customers.

    All they have to do is come across the images, select one that matches their requirements, and buys them. If you provide an option to save their debit and credit cards, it becomes easier for them to access your store. There are various online payment methods available in the market, and you have to add all of these methods to increase the order value.

  5. Enables Constant Reminders about Shopping Cart

    Most of the eCommerce sites face this issue. It is pretty standard for customers to add things to the cart and forget about them. Persuading the customers to add items to the cart is one thing, whereas you need to make them buy. If a customer adds items to cart on desktop websites, they will most likely forget about it until they open the site next time.

    But this isn’t an issue with the app. You can send push notifications for customers at regular intervals about the items present in the cart, and you can also warn them about the things that will go out of stock in some time.

    The purchase and checking out process in mobile apps is pretty easy when compared to the browser, and this is another reason for the users to buy products instead of abandoning them in the cart.

  6. Boost Customer Loyalty

    Customers who have your app on their phone will be more invested in it than the ones who use desktop. Whenever they want to shop for a particular thing, your store name will pop up in their minds. You can leverage this great option by providing a customer loyalty program. You can give them exclusive rewards as they are shopping on the app. This scenario will surely motivate more people to install your app and shop on it.

    Apart from that, you can give them shopping points for every product that they have purchased from you. Later you can provide a redeem option too for it. If you are putting up any new sale, then you can give early access to the app users. These are just some of the ideas to boost customer loyalty. There are so many other options that you can try out.

  7. Reduces Loading Time

    Most of the websites take a bit longer to load when compared to the applications. The response time for an app or website is going to play a massive role in deciding whether the customers will purchase on your store or not. As an app stays on the phone and makes use of various features that phone offers, it becomes easy for it to load quickly. This particular isn’t a scenario with the websites. There will be times when a website takes a lot of time to load. Apps usually retrieve data faster than websites, and it indeed is a great option.

  8. Facilitate New Mobile Features and Functionalities

    An app downloaded in the mobile will be able to use various types of features available on it. For example, you can use the GPS service present on the phone to know and input the customer address automatically. This scenario eliminates the need to enter the address for the customer. You can use the microphone present in mobiles to enable voice search. There are many other exciting features on mobiles that apps can make use of to provide better browsing options.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the benefits of a mobile app for the eCommerce store. The one thing that matters for every store is customer satisfaction, and you can provide your customers with that by using apps. An eCommerce store app will help customers in various ways than you can imagine, and this increases your revenue.

Sales Generation is the one thing that drives a store right, so if you are planning to increase the income of your store, then there is a need for mobile eCommerce development. Get a friendly app with the best features present in the market and use it to the fullest. The importance of mobile apps for eCommerce is something that cannot be gauged, so make the most out of it.

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