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Topmost JavaScript Development Tools and IDEs For Web Developers

JavaScript Development Tools
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Jul 1 2021

This article is updated on 7 December 2021

JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages and supported by all the browsers, enhances the user’s interaction with the web page. That said, numerous JavaScript IDEs are now offering smart course completion and eradicating errors in real-time.

These effective tools come with the precise syntax checker and the explicit debugger for the swift creation of varied JavaScript applications. That said, here you will come to know regarding the top code editor and IDEs for Windows and Mac. So let’s get started and have a discussion of the JavaScript development tools.

    1. Atom
      The simple editor for writing the JavaScript program is one of the best IDEs to find customization for doing everything without modifying the configuration file. The free, open-source code editor has got the self-label of ‘a hackable text editor for the 21st century. This is the tool that will ensure the completion of the code automatically the way you type. The best possible part is that it comes with an integrated package manager.You can get the opportunity of finding previews and replacing the text that is typed in the file or across the entire project. The best part is that it is highly supportive of the command palette for running the available commands.With one of the most popular JavaScript front-end tools, you can just go on with easy browsing and opening the file or the project. It gives easy access to finding and replacing the text as you’re typing in the file. You can find the use of it with the help of Windows, Linux, and OS X.
    2. Visual Studio
      With its initial release in 1997, Visual Studio proved to be the leading tool for JavaScript development. According to the Stack Overflow 2019 Developer Survey, Visual Studio Code got to rank as the most popular developer environment tool with 50.7 percent of 87,317 respondents having mentioned how capable it is.One of the best JavaScript Tools in 2022 finds used to develop the computer programs for the Windows platform. The integrated development environment can also ensure the generation of both native as well as managed code. It comes with the features like code refactoring, code completion, class designer, code profiler, database schema designer, Web Designer, and more. Overall it proves to be the complete developmental tool for JavaScript.Besides, it also comes with the built-in support for JavaScript as well as has the inbuilt debugger. You can just go with the extension of the capabilities by adding the hundreds of plugins to the lot that are already available.

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    3. Goorm
      The IDE for JavaScript ensures automatically completing the multiple line codes. Moreover, the editor is supportive of numerous languages. The best part of one of the best JavaScript developer IDEs is that you can go ahead with coding faster with no hassles at all. Besides, it also comes with JavaScript documentation alongside giving the additional function the way you type.Besides, you can also get the availability of the tooltip for the use of the machine language models for JavaScript language alongside providing the support in the email. Easy to use GUI makes sure about giving the program version that is manageable conveniently.The array of developmental disabilities with the built-in messenger makes it even better. Therefore, you can get maximum productivity in terms of using it.

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    1. WebStorm
      Dedicated IDE for HTML CSS and JavaScript ensures working with all the platforms that come from Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. This is really proving to be one of the most frequently used JS web development IDE. It is also referred to as the smartest JavaScript IDE and is packed with hundreds of exceptional features to make it stand out.A general user satisfaction rating of 94 percent shows that webstorm can improve your organization. What makes it even better are refactoring, intelligent code completion, error identification, code evaluation, inbuilt debugger, error report, and a built-in node JS application to favor competitor IDEs.Above all, it also comes with the spy JS that makes it better over many other competitors. With all the many features, it makes sure about giving a good quality hands-on experience.
    2. Sublime Text
      The editor and IDE make sure about writing the JavaScript code. This is the tool that will ensure jumping to symbol line word with the utilization of the keyboard shortcut. What makes it better over the competitors is that it comes with the command palette for changing the syntax.Besides, it can make sure about highlighting the syntax API for the extension of the features. Finally, it makes sure about giving you the opportunity of several customizations. The third-most popular code editor, Sublime Text, found use by 28.9 percent of respondents in the 2018 by Stack Overflow.With one of the best JavaScript IDEs, you can just also go on with the addition of a definition of class or method. Sublime text is now giving you the command palette for holding frequently utilized functionalities. Besides, it is also supported by shortcuts for ease of access.
    3. Eclipse
      The initial influence was IBM VisualAge. Presently, it is one of the big Java IDEs and comes with the availability of an extensive plugin system. For using Eclipse for JavaScript development, you will have to know the programming languages’ guarding because there will be a need for specific plugins. Eclipse is one of the best IDEs for running under the GNU class-path.Besides, it also comes with an integrated development environment that can make sure about giving you the remarkable combination of robustness, performance, and stability. Moreover, project management also becomes more accessible with the automated features and Reproduction of the identical workspace.Now there have been efforts to make eclipse mo.js friendly. This inference is evident from the performance enhancement of the JavaScript development tools that support the building of Docker images, new Docker UI, and containers with the involvement of the Docker CLI. The best part right here is that you can get the availability of the downloadable packages for the eclipse.

      One of the significant unique features of one of the essential JavaScript tools is automated error reporting. The feature also makes sure about automatically sending the bugs to Eclipse.org.

      After processing the bugs, they get converted into the Bugzilla entities. That said, there is always the opportunity of troubleshooting with the help of crowdsourcing.

    4. CodePen
      The tool ensures quickly building the JavaScript project, and you can use the program for also writing the program in the browser. It supports front-end languages like HTML and CSS.What makes it better over many competitors is that it comes with templates for quickly starting coding. You can also go with the presentation mode for working with the overhead projectors.The collaboration with other developers while helping you with the creation of the dynamic buttons. What makes it even effective is that it makes the codes always easier to read.
    5. AWS Cloud9
      Cloud9 refers to the cloud-based JavaScript editor that ensures enabling you to write, run, and debug the code with any of the browsers; this is one of the best JavaScript code editors that ensure working from anywhere with the utilization of the internet-connected machine.
      Besides, the tool is also good enough for giving you keyboard shortcuts for easy access. You can adjust the panels in any of the directions by simply utilizing the drag and drop menu.The integrated debugger for setting the breakpoint makes it stand out. The tool also comes with the built-in terminal that allows you to see the command output right from the server.The variety of things you can get alongside the opportunity to share a developmental environment with the developmental team makes it stand out. You can get the inbuilt image editor for resizing, cropping, as well as rotating the images.

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  1. Brackets
    Free Javascript editor from Adobe is well known for the premium pretty software that can be good enough for the creative professionals because they want the advantage with the web design and the front-end development. The editor is light and quick to use. Besides, the intuitive interface makes it even better.What makes it suitable for beginners is that they will get a set of features that will be perfect enough for them. One of the ideal JavaScript Dev Tools for the web developers who prefer coding casually, Brackets proves to be one of the finest ones in terms of making the visual tools and outstanding processor support.You can get an advantage because the software will always work on the code without ever opening multiple Windows. The user interface is highly customizable. You can expect some of the best results when you get access to the tool. The syntax highlighting an impressive range of the languages and the popular frameworks make it even better.

    With some advanced features, Brackets is available for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. What makes it one of the best interfaces is that you will get the live preview option that always keeps checking the result in the browser whenever you’re editing.

FAQs for javascript development tools

  • Which is the best tool for JavaScript?
    Atom, a simple editor for writing a JavaScript program, is one of the best IDEs for JavaScript to do anything without modifying a config file.
  • What IDE should I use for JavaScript?
    Sublime Text editor, the IDE used for writing JavaScript code, enables you to jump to symbol, word, or line with just the keyboard shortcut.
  • Is JavaScript used for software development?
    JavaScript has an association with creating enhanced user experience and hence participates in software development. Client-side scripting language finds use by most organizations for internal developments.
  • Which IDE is best for JavaScript?
    Visual Studio is one of the best and full-fledged JavaScript IDEs. It supports syntax highlighting, and auto-complete. In addition, intelligent completions based on variable types give added support. However, there is a range of JavaScript code editors available and you can choose as per your preference.
  • Does JavaScript have an IDE?
    Yes, it does, as the modern web browsers come with a JavaScript Engine. You can also execute JavaScript code by the browser without IDE.
  • What is the most effective and precise free IDE for JavaScript?
    Lightweight but powerful source code editor, WebStorm, runs on your desktop with flexibility.
  • Which editor is used for JavaScript programming?
    Atom, a simple editor for writing a JavaScript program, gives the functional benefits without modifying a config file.

Key Takeaways

Advanced level source code editors and IDEs, as mentioned above, can keep track of all of the rules and syntax for a range of different programming languages. That being said, you should keep a track of the code and get a lot of benefits from implementing these IDEs.

If you have an idea for developing a Javascript application or have a question regarding this article then you can contact us or leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you!