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Python vs Java – Which One Is Preferred Choice?

Python vs Java
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Feb 7 2020

This blog is updated on 25 November 2020.

The most debated topic for the developers is Python vs Java! Yes! These two languages are famous and have diverse features and performance. But which one is easy to learn? Which is best for your next programming project? Let’s discuss all this thing here.

Programming languages are imperative in computer science, and they are the fundamental tools in a programmer’s toolkit. There are different kinds of programming languages, and the developers usually pick the ones that match their requirements.

The one tough thing here is “choice.” The programmers have to make the right choice while they are choosing the language. It is often confusing, especially when it comes to a choice between Java and Python. Both of these most popular programming languages are interesting as well as are in number two and three positions, according to GitHub this year too.

They are popular, effective, and come in handy all the time, which makes a choice even more robust. The two languages are here to stay, and they both often keep on confusing the developers. So, in this article, you are going to know which one among them is highly reliable. This scenario is a quick comparison making your choice simple and easy. If you are confused about picking Java or Python for your next project, then read this article, you will get an idea for sure.

Python vs Java | Google Trends Comparison

Yes! Google trends reports say that Python is more searched than Java. But you can choose the programming language as per your requirement and project scope.

Python vs Java Updates

Java and Python have a lot of similarities between them. For starters, both of them are pretty good and efficient. They usually treat almost every input as an object. Both have amazing cross-platform support, and there are a lot of libraries too. Both of these languages can be compiled at bytecode; however, you can use Python to compile at run time. Most of the programmers prefer this compilation only.

Java and Python are from the Algol family only, but Python has deviated a lot from C/C++, but that’s not the case with Java. Python has brought in its 3.x version already, and it also ended the support for 2.0. The community is now focusing on the 3.x version, and they are slowly taking away the support for the 2.0 advanced versions. Python has launched several new updates and you can check here Python 3.9 features which is the latest.

Now, when it comes to Java, Oracle brought in a new version already, and this has created some panic among the users. The announcement ensured free update, and there is a clear upgrade path too, but the programmers are still struggling with it. Platform providers like Amazon and RedHat have stepped in to support the OpenJDK.

Python vs Java Typing

python language

Image Source:- www.python.org

Now when it comes to typing, both Java and Python consider all the inputs as objects only. While Java is a static type, Python is dynamic. This static and dynamic difference has a lot of impact on how you design, write, and troubleshoot the programs. Here, I will showcase you an example of a program- “Printing Hello World” in two languages. This case will give you a clear understanding.


stuff = [“Hello, World!” 6]
for i in stuff:



Image Source:- www.java.com

public class Test {
public static void main(String args[]) {
String array[] = {“Hello, World,”6”};
for (String i : array) {

In Python, both strings and integers are mentioned in the same array, but it is not possible in Java. The strings must be declared here. The Java programs will be longer when compared to Python ones.

Comparison of Python and Java on Different Basis

    • Performance

When it comes to performance, one thing that you have to remember is that the programming languages are not the ones that define the performance. There are so many factors that usually have an influence. Third-party libraries that you use, the way you program, there are a lot of things that will have an impact on performance. But when it comes to Java vs. Python, Java is a better option compared to Python in performance.

Both Java and Python can be compiled at bytecode, but Java usually goes with compilation during the run time and then distributes the bytecode. This case makes it a bit faster. You can try different small programs to understand which one of them is quicker.

    • Popularity

Popularity is a field where both Python and Java have been close competitors for a long time now. Java was in the first place for a long time until the company brought in JavaScript. The language was given “JavaScript” name on purpose in order to gain more traction to it, and with all the features that language offers, it has been in the first place when it comes to popularity till now. It is followed by Java and then Python. Both languages are pretty close in popularity.

    • Code Readability and Formatting

Python definitely is better when it comes to code readability and formatting. The syntax of Python is simple when compared to that of Java, and this makes the code easily readable. Even formatting the code becomes simple in Python only.

    • Syntax

As discussed above, when it comes to syntax, Python is a better option. It is a dynamically typed language, and there is no need for you to determine the variable types. The interpreter will define those variable types by it, and the checking of it is made during the run time. This scenario makes it easy to format and simple to understand.

Another thing that you have to remember here is that the Python won’t use any kind of enclosing braces or follow any type of identification rules either. This case makes the code simple and easy to read.

On the other hand, Java is a statically typed language, and it needs you to declare the variable types. If there is any mistake or anomaly, the code will not compile at all. For beginners, this will help in identifying the mistakes, but for experienced programmers, this is going to be tough. When a programmer is typing huge codes, they will feel some issues with the syntax of Java.

    • Whitespace

The whitespace is of no use in Java while it will matter a lot in Python. It is a part of the Python syntax and is very important. In Python, the tabs are used for nesting, and full colon will be used to start both conditional blocks and start loops. Java ignores this whitespace and uses parentheses, semicolons, and curly braces.

Python uses the whitespace in code formatting, and it makes the entire programming a bit simple too. Usually, the python snippets are smaller when compared to the snippets of Java. This scenario is the reason why they are a good option for extended programs.

    • Game Development

No, both Python and Java aren’t as good as C#/C++ is when it comes to game development, but they are reliable, though. The game development requires the best possible performance, and either Java or Python isn’t capable of complying with that.

JMonkeyEngine is an option that is built on Java and is suitable for game development. If you want to develop a game with minimal graphics and simple setup, then you can go with JMonkeyEngine here. If you want to do some experiments with the computer graphics and develop a game right from scratch, then you can go with Java based OpenGL.

On the other hand, Python is not so useful to run games on it, but there are various frameworks like Panda3d, Cocos, Pygame, etc. that run on Python only. Python isn’t a language that is completely ruled out of game development, and it can be used as a tool.

    • Beginners Pick

There was a time when beginners usually start out with Java and then learn other languages, but it is changing now slowly as Python is attracting the beginners. With simple syntax and dynamic typing, Python has become a beginner’s pick lately. When we compare Java vs. Python 2021 for beginners, then the definite winner here is Python. Beginners can learn Java and other languages once they are perfect with Python.

Which is best between Java and Python?

Now, when we put it that way, it is impossible to define which one is best among them. Both of these languages have large communities and great support. The bugs are fixed almost immediately, and the languages are getting updated from time to time too. Java is already proven as one of the best languages in the world, and Python is growing with every day passing by. When it comes to performance, Java beats Python, but if you are looking at the compiling code for large projects with thousands of lines of code, then you have to go with Python only.

Python language has a simple syntax, and it is better to read as well as formatting. It is not simple or straightforward to predict the future of either language, but both of them are doing perfectly fine right now. Learning any one of them will surely help you in your future. The preference of coders will have a huge impact on the language. People who usually prefer straightforward and simple programming language will go with Java, whereas the ones that want a little bit more flexibility with things will go for Python.

There are so many jobs and a lot of scope for both of the languages in the future, but as of now, Python is more impactful when compared to Java. Its ease and flexibility have made it a go-to option for so many programmers.

What can you pick?

Oracle’s new paid plan has a significant impact on the choice of programmers. They have to pay a certain amount in order to get support, or else they have to rely on Amazon or Red Hat for any kind of security updates and fixes. This scenario surely is a game-changer, and Oracle needs to do something about their choices here.

On the other hand, Python 3 has evolved a lot and is offering unified support to the programmers. With the recent updates, Python is at an edge, and it is continuously focusing on the development of the platform.

Key Takeaways

Here we have discussed Java vs Python in 2021. There are a lot of different pros and cons for both languages. And you, as well as your team, have to choose the one that goes for you. If you have large projects going on at hand and want concise programming language, then Python can be your option.

After considering all things, the pros of Python outweighed its cons and have made it one of the best programming languages that you will find in the market. No matter which language you choose, make sure that you are following the syntax, and there are no errors in it.