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What Are The Advantages & Features Of the Laravel PHP Framework?

features of Laravel framework
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Apr 15 2020

Laravel is one of the most proficient, popular, and extensively utilized open-source frameworks these days. Laravel has diverse features such as template engine, MVC architecture support, top security, artisan tool, database migration system and etc. These Laravel advanced features make it better than other PHP frameworks.

It provides benchmarked and feature-packed solutions for high-end web application development. This framework is fully committed and offers the best practices one requires for its effective use.

Why use Laravel?


Laravel is the precise PHP framework that seamlessly facilitates the open-source application development needs of all sizes of businesses and is also the desired choice for developers. Its outsized community support provides a swift resolution of programming issues. Additionally, it also offers learning blogs, forums, and professional opinions for quality coding.

Why is Laravel the Best PHP Framework?

Due to outstanding Laravel features and functionality-packed entity, Laravel platform has become the best PHP framework. Laravel development companies like us are enabled to create engaging and highly performance-based web apps through laravel advanced features. And they can do this with extremely minimal repetitive coding tasks.

Which are the Top Features of the Laravel framework?

Now the question here is, which are the features of Laravel that make it better and why developers prefer to use Laravel? Let’s explore the same below.

  1. The Innovative Template Engine

    Laravel framework is highly recognized for its built-in lightweight templates, which come in use to build excellent layouts with dynamic content seeding. It further provides several essential widgets integrating CSS and JS code with the use of robust structures. Laravel templates are smartly designed to develop straightforward as well as composite layouts with sections that ease the efforts of a developer.

  2. MVC Architecture Support through Built-In Functions

    Laravel backs the MVC architecture pattern, which makes sure to separate the important business logic and significant presentation layers. MVC pattern of Laravel has multiple built-in functions, enhances application performance, and boosts the levels of security along with scalability for developers.

  3. Authorization Technique for Coding

    The authorization and authentication part is the most important feature when anyone produces code to build an application. It also evaluates the time any programmer will take to build something new. The framework even has the logical technique that assists in reforming authorization logic and controls admittance to different resources.

    Having the validation computer code that is integrated into Laravel, the amount of coding time has been trimmed down to an effective extent. Application reasoning feature provides flexibility and liberty to the coders to work flexibly on all sizes of software.

  4. Eloquent Object Relational Mapping and Implementation

    Laravel provides Eloquent Object Relational Mapping (ORM), which incorporates an uncomplicated PHP Active Record implementation. The functionality helps in enabling web application developers to write database queries using PHP syntax instead of writing SQL code. ORM is comparatively quicker than former PHP frameworks.

  5. Strong Application Security

    The security functions are one of the best Laravel features. Laravel framework provides advanced and strong web application security enabling the developers. Laravel security features effectively utilize hashed as well as salted password mechanism so the password would not be saved in the form of plain text into the user database.

    It also applies the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” for creating an encrypted password. Besides, this PHP web development framework utilizes SQL statements that safeguard SQL injection attacks.

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  7. Artisan Tool for Automating Programming Tasks

    Laravel framework provides a built-in command-line tool known as Artisan, which assists in automating the tedious and repetitive programming tasks. The artisan tool also comes in use to build the database structure and skeleton code. It is further applied to handle migration jobs, so it is quite simple to manage diverse database systems.

    Further, it can generate original MVC files through the command-line and deal with those assets with their configurations. Artisan even assists developers to generate their commands and utilize them as needed.

  8. Enable Libraries and Modular Functionalities

    Laravel facilitates developers through pre-installed Object-Oriented and Modular libraries, which are not accessible in a lot of other PHP frameworks. For instance, the Authentication library is quite simple in implementation and has multiple functions.

    These functions include checking active users, password reset, Bcrypt hashing, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection as well as encryption. Furthermore, this framework is separated into individual units adopting advanced PHP principles enabling responsive as well as modular web app development.

  9. Facilitate Database Migration System through PHP Code

    Laravel migration system assists in expanding the web application database structure exclusive of re-creating each time when there is an alteration in the code. Due to this feature, the risk involved in losing data is extremely reduced.

    The feature not only provides the facility to alter the overall database structure; however, it even assists in doing the same utilizing PHP code rather than SQL. Furthermore, Laravel Schema Builder assists developers in generating database tables and inserts indices with required columns at the appointed time.

  10. Competitive and Effortless Unit Testing

    Laravel is an ideal framework for web application developers as it effectively and easily facilitates unit testing features. This framework is competent in running numerous unit tests to make sure that new alterations executed by the programmer do not happen without warning break the in-hand web application. In an ideal space, Laravel based web applications are accomplished of steady releases as it is alert of the identified failures. It also makes the scenario effortless for the developers to write unit tests.

  11. Useful Tutorials

    Through its tutorials called Laracasts, Laravel offers an authentic source of learning for both beginners as well as experienced developers. Whether you are exploring a free video tutorial or a paid service, you can learn how to utilize Laravel. The learning instructions provided are spot on, clear, and straightforward to understand, which can create and also reproduce training material, thus making this technology framework learning easy.

Advantages of Laravel Framework to Developers

  • Laravel framework enables implementing authentication without any worries. Everything is rightly configured to well-organized authorization logic and the needed control access to diverse resources.
  • The framework offers a clean, easy to use API over SwiftMailer library. Laravel also provides drivers allowing an application to swiftly get initiated, sending mail or notification by a local or cloud-enabled service.
  • Laravel backs popular cache backends, and so developers can configure numerous cache configurations quickly.
  • Laravel is helpful to developers as it is integrated with the advanced Monolog logging library, which offers support for a collection of powerful log handlers.
  • Every Laravel route is defined right in the app/Http/routes.php file, which is automatedly loaded by the framework. It further provides a powerful method of identifying route ways by accepting a URL as well as a Closure.

Key Takeaways

The above Laravel features makes it best across the community of developers and have been quite useful to them. It is continuously making new followers amongst developers through its classic architecture. And this architecture has turned into an open playground for the different developers to create their own set of functionalities for diverse projects.