Client Requirement

The client approached Technostacks to develop an AR-based app. The app is for a structural design and production company. The client wanted the app to scan and interact with 3D products in the real-world easily. The application should be effortless for users to manage it and it’s functionalities on its own.


Home Screen

Through the home screen, the user can search the bracket, scan the QR code, and find the product. Further, the user can add product numbers manually, choose collection type, and access contact details.

ar app for product design
augmented reality solutions for manufacturing
Product Page
  • Through the product page, the user can view the product details by entering the product number or scan the QR code from the home screen. Users will consider the product type and have the option to view the product.
  • The user will see a 3D model of the product within the application and have functions to rotate it and view it from diverse angles.
  • Users will have three options to view and act through the application.
    • MIN: This option will show the minimum screws needed
    • MAX: Show the maximum screws needed
    • AR: Take you to the AR model of the application
Augmented Reality Mode
  • Users can select the AR option from the screen and choose the AE mode. Further, the user requires adjusting the camera towards the product edge and can fix the bracket.
  • Can rotate the plane to set and load the 3D model.
  • Users can view the red line in the middle of the model, and on clicking, they can see the bracket’s real position and how they can be fixed-up with minimum & maximum screws.
AR manufacturing app
AR solution for manufacturing sector
Choosing Collection Type
  • User can select the collection types as below:
    • Wood on Wood
    • Wood on Concrete
  • As per the kind accepted they would view the product details


  • Apple does offer application samples for manipulating 3D objects in real-world through gestures. However, our objective was to manage the same in an exceedingly more straightforward approach. So users can interact with the AR world even through an iOS app.
  • We at Technostacks developed the AR Product Catalogue App for both iPhone and Android platforms. We came up with multiple application features and functionalities through our development specialists who had know how AR works successfully in terms of geometry in the real-world scenarios.

Technologies Used