Client Requirement

The client approached Technostacks to develop an automated staff time monitoring, tracking, and management system application. The app had to be designed in a way that it can facilitate the company management to register or record their clock-in and clock-out time with their explicit location track.

Project Features and Functionalities

  • A company can register to the app, can create employees and add employee details.
  • Company admin and employee himself can review the filled details.
  • Employees can download the Employee Time Clock App and log in through credentials.
  • Once the employees reach office, they can log in and clock-in .
  • The app would ask the employees to take a picture at the time of Clock-in.
  • An employee can take the picture and app would track the location to confirm employee location.
employee attendance management software
iOS app for employee attendance management
  • The employee can clock out while leaving and the app would again ask them to take a picture.
  • The application would note their location to confirm its premise.
  • In the app, there is an extremely useful feature named CC which is termed as Cost to company.
  • The CC functionality is used for tracking the distance an employee has travelled and made a reimbursement based on it
  • The app marks the locations visited by the employee and map for verification for the distance travelled.
  • The employee can export his or her data of clock-in and clock-out records in CSV format.


With our promising efforts, we delivered the Employee Time Clock App, enabling dynamic and automated routine execution. With this inclusive project, the client accomplished and provided their employees with the best user experiences. By allocating flawless access to company admin and the staff, the application enabled flexible services to different stakeholders with simple to use the system. Technostacks delivered this application comprehensively and is currently involved in its stability advancements, scalability, and minor bug fixes.

Technologies Used

iOS app