Client Requirement

The client was looking for a web-based solution that can help companies aggregate and act on customer feedback to create delightful experiences. The system needed to have three roles to accommodate access to the system’s owner, the subscribing company, and the end customer.


Super Admin Module

Super admin can log in into the system by entering the credentials.
Super admin will navigate to companies listing page, add the new company and company’s branch.

Feedback Management App
Feedback Management Software
Branch Listing:

Super admin can view the branch listing details.


Super admin can add the aspects to provide reviews and ratings.

Super Admin Account

Super admin can manage their account by entering the required details.

Company Admin Module


Company admin can log in into the system by entering the credentials:


A company admin will navigate to dashboard after successful login into the system. Admin will view the Overall Rating branch wise, NPS Count, NPS Score, Respondent, Reviews, NPS Chart-Facility, Department wise NPS-Filter by branch, Sentiments bar graph, Leaderboard, Complaints list and Latest Reviews.

Enterprise Feedback Management Software
feedback management system

Company admin can add/edit/delete the departments.


Company admin can add/edit/delete their employees.

Company and Branches

Company admin can add the employees and the branches for their company.

Bulk Emails

Company admin can send bulk emails to employees.

Escalation Groups

Company admin can add the escalation group for complaints. If the user has added any complaints, then there are three levels for the company that the complaint will be solved; initially, the complaint will be viewed by the level 1 employee. And if they can’t solve it in a given time, then the complaint will be considered to the level 2 employee and then level 3.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Reports

Company admin can view the aspects reports as Department, Date, NPS, Total Reviews, Promoters, Passives and Detractors.

feedback management systems
Company employee module

Company Employee Module


A company employee will view the following details on the dashboard.

  • Overall Rating branch wise
  • NPS Count
  • NPS Score
  • Respondent
  • Reviews
  • Positive, Neutral, Negative
  • Weekly NPS Chart-Facility to filter by dates
  • Department wise NPS-Filter by branch
  • Sentiments bar graph (Reviews)
  • Leaderboard
  • Complaints list
  • Latest Reviews

Company employees can manage the questions with diverse criteria.


Company employees can view the complaint list as Feedback Complaints and Questions Complaints.

Company Reports

A company employee will view the reports for complaint graphical and tabular form.

Company admin can filter, search and export the reports.

Bulk Emails

Company employees can send bulk emails.

Company employees system
Company employee account
Bulk SMS

Company employees can send bulk SMS.

Add New SMS

Company employee can add the new SMS with the details:

Company Employee Account

Company employees can manage their account with the details.

Edit Profile

Company employees can edit their personal details.


We provided the client with a bespoke SaaS-based web solution to cater to their specific needs that comprised of 3 components:

  • A super admin interface that allowed the product admin to various onboard companies and moderate access permissions.
  • Admin panel access for the company and its employees with different roles to access consumer feedback and other processes.
  • A system-generated front-end interface for end customers of the companies to provide feedback for services consumed.

Technologies Used