Client Requirement

The client comes from an agricultural domain where his family owns enormous farms in Washington, USA. With every harvest season, they needed thousands of daily wage workers within the payroll system. This scenario involved a lot of paperwork and was too time-consuming. Their critical need was to digitize the complete hiring process to directly send the information to their payroll software and resolve all the pain areas.


Mobile Application Features

The user can log in right in the mobile application by entering the following details:

  • Employer EIN/Email
  • Password
    The user will have the facility to reset the password if they forget their earlier password.
  • Enter the registered email address – Textbox
  • Further, the password reset link will be precisely sent to the registered email address.
Payroll Software System
Payroll management system

The user will have the facility to register in the mobile application by providing the following details:

  • Business Name
  • Employee EIN
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Title
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

The user can view the complete list of employees alphabetically and will have the facility to search as well as filter the employees from the list:

  • Employee Joining date
  • Applied Date

The user can select any one employee from the list and view its details. And will have the facility to export the list of employees in CSV or PDF format.

Further, the user will have the facility to add the new employee with the following details:

  • Employee Details
  • Address
  • Contact Information
  • Emergency Contact
  • Scan the Document

Scan the Document

  • Further, the user can scan the document to fill the form.
  • Right after scanning the document, all the details will be filled-up in the form.
Cloud-based Payroll Software
Form details
  • Next, the details will be filled up in the form after scanning the document.
  • Further, the user will have a facility to scan the employee’s signature and upload it in the form.
  • If the user has a scanner document or an id card like license, passport, or social security, it will fill all this information on the screen.
  • Nevertheless, the default file will be the w4 and the I9. Once the user has signed the documents, then it will upload it to the server.

On this screen, the user will view the company name’s details and preparers of that company.

From the Export options, users can export the Employees in CSV and the IIF file format and even the Print or Save all PDFs.

And if the user clicks on the ‘Settings,’ it will have all the company setting details.
Important Settings

  • Practice mode: This conveys that all records have been just for trial
  • Employee Photo: The user will be able to upload the employee profile picture

Significant Settings
Store Document Images: It conveys that the app should store the employee ID documents

  • User will view the payment details, job tags and employee details
  • User will view the signature mode and integration token
  • Users will have the facility to edit their profile, change passwords and logout.
Online Payroll Software


The solution we provided digitized the onboarding process entirely and made it paperless. The solution consisted of a multi-tenant layer on the backend panel and an iOS app on the front side.

The app had cutting-edge OCR capabilities as well as complex computer vision algorithms to detect and recognize almost all government-approved identification documents for the US. It also allowed employees to sign digitally, enable, store, and take action on expiration of all relevant documents electronically, such as I-9, W-8 forms, etc.

Technologies Used

iOS app
Ruby on rails
Core ML