MiteNote is an innovative concept that can change the face of beekeeping as it is a simple, pesticide-free way to remove varroa destructor mites in bee hives. The key challenge was to make this technology easily accessible to end users through an easy to use app.

  • Our developers had to enable MiteNote circuit board to interface with the app over Bluetooth.
  • Once the Bluetooth connection is made, the app had to scan the board in order to display the metrics.
  • The development and design team had to create a display with 32 elements (boxes) on it, with each box displaying the associated temperature.
  • The app had to read value from each sensor on the circuit board and display it; the color on the boxes needed to change based on the temperature.
  • The app also needed functionality where the user could click on the heater element to increase or decrease the temperature and decide the duration of the temperature increase or decrease.
  • Scope also remained to build software that continuously logs the temperature patterns to keep user updated about the variations.


  • he app developers at Technostacks created an integrated solution built using Objective C that catered to all client requirements and made the app easy to use. They also used iOS technologies to make the app iPad compatible.
  • We integrated Core Bluetooth Framework for scanning, connecting reading and writing the MiteNote circuit board with the app. This enables the user to search for BLE devices, select MiteNote and connect to the board.
  • We created functionality wherein app could display temperature values from the MiteNote circuit and ensured that the temperature was displayed in varying colors (dark red color for high temperature & white red for low temperature)
  • Our developers also created an IoT remote monitoring functionality wherein, users can set temperature for MiteNote board directly from the app.