Client Requirements

The client would like a mobile app that grows to empower the individual seeking to improve on their general well-being and being able to track various elements of their healthy journey. This gives the users a holistic measure to keep measurement of their health along with mental condition and provides them the facility in achieving goals and informed decisions regarding their life.

Innovative health and wellness app


Wellness Tracking: The users are able to track the different aspects of the wellness journey such as the listing of exercise routines, meditation sessions, sleep patterns, nutrition input, water and stress level.

Symptom Journal: Users can keep a journal of physical and mental symptoms to track patterns and possible triggers.

Moods and Emotions Tracking: Track the user’s moods and emotions for that particular day, and get to know factors influencing their mental well-being.

Goal Setting: Leafvue enables the individual to set wellness goal whether is gaining to a certain point of fitness level, to better cope with stress or sleeping for higher quality.

Analysis: The app presents data visualizations and personalized reports that present explanations of progress over time, as well as identification of correlations between activities just as maintaining well-being in clear terms to the users.

Community support: Members are able to share experiences, challenges and success stories through Leafvue, thereby creating a supportive community that in turn enhances motivation and accountability.

Educational Resources: The resource library contains articles, tips, and expert advice readily provided on different themes around wellness. With this in mind, therefore, one is able to make informed choices.

Customizable Reminders: The user of the Leafvue app at any one time has the ability to set some reminders for his or her daily wellness activities such that he or she never has to forget what he or she needs to do in order to achieve positive living.


The app is useful for people looking forward to improving their wellness and inculcating a healthy lifestyle.

People who are willing to manage chronic conditions meaningfully or understand the ways of their body.

Fitness freaks, as well as athletic trainers gearing up to master their training sessions.

Whoever wants to trace how the daily habits affect his well-being.

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Personal health tracking technology
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Technologies Used