Client Requirement

The client came up with an idea to support both construction professionals and non-professionals in enhancing the overall success of their projects. The aim was to simplify the complex process of project management by introducing a solution that would streamline various aspects.

This idea sought to empower individuals involved in construction projects, enabling them to efficiently manage tasks, resources, and timelines. By providing a user-friendly platform and incorporating intuitive features, the application aimed to optimize project outcomes and contribute to the industry’s advancement.


Offline Functionality

The application should work offline within areas where the internet networks have limited or not-provided regions at all. It has to be made by the opportunity to store data locally and only after detection with an internet connection, and synchronization with a remote server.

Geofencing and Location Services

Adding functionality in the app for geofencing presents challenges of its kind. For providing the best experience, accuracy in detecting user location and exact definition when the user enters or exits a specified location is required for geofencing. The solution would harness the inbuilt location services offered by the mobile operating systems, and integrate geofencing libraries or APIs to handle the location-based actions within the app.

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Integration with Backend Systems

This enables the app to communicate with backend systems, for storage and retrieval of data in real-time, as well as syncing of offline data, and possibly reporting. There should be no change in how project management is being done or the system of data storage currently because of the integration process. It should give standardized APIs so that other systems in their backend should be able to integrate their applications in business in a simpler way. The industry-standard protocols today could be REST or GraphQL, and the application should adopt one of these for integrating backend systems.

Capturing Multimedia Data

It includes the authorities having features to capture data like images, videos, 360-degree images, dimensions of floors are many different types of data. This would involve integrating APIs that are specific to the device used to access camera and media files. Furthermore, the app would also be required to integrate compression algorithms that can be used to effectively manage the storage and transmission of multimedia data within the system.

We have overcome these challenges by implementing the right solutions and successfully meeting the aims of our clients.


These are usually the apps that enable the employees to capture data such as multiple pictures, videos, 360-degree images, and Floor Dimensions for those projects assigned to them. We have done this by implementing geofencing, which means the app is only usable within set location boundaries of a site.

The application offers offline data capture, allowing employees to capture data with no connectivity from sites with very weak signals or none at all. This is to say that the critical information will be received and recorded accurately, regardless of whether there is an internet connection or not. Therefore, employees will have the guarantee of getting all the key points and completing their work swiftly.

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The mobile application for construction was keen to find a development partner who could understand their business objectives and, at the same time, have similar business values.

We developed a mobile application that enables users to accurately track their construction site details from anywhere at any point in time. This makes keeping tabs on the progress of construction much easier. Its user-friendly interface and helpful features ensure that the user is in the loop on the milestones and advancements in the construction site. We were aiming at developing such a product that would satisfy the needs of our client and which would be a really helpful and convenient instrument for managing his construction projects.

Technologies Used