Client Requirements

The client realized a huge challenge in the process of medication procurement hence the ideation of a solution. The patients had a limited choice in medications, needed to be made aware of transparency in the price, and would face difficulty settling prescriptions across the board.

The pharmacies themselves functioned quite inefficiently through manual inventory management, communication within silos, with minimal opportunity for monetization. The client is reacting to these challenges, where the idea of devising a solution that overcomes these and improves the medication procurement experience for suppliers, healthcare intermediaries, and hospitals was shaped.

Our Approach to Fostering the Solution

The solution is a state-of-the-art platform that allows the smooth integration between the patients, the pharmacies, doctors, and administrators in a very simple system. The pharmacy can join the platform and immediately he starts receiving requests for the medication directly from the patient. What makes us different is this unique bidding feature which makes a competitive marketplace where the pharmacies can bid on these requests and patients are free to choose the bidding that they feel suitable.

With our solution, not only would be there a range availability of medication to the patients but also the easy setting of personalized medical reminders at any time and from anywhere and they can manage their account with utmost ease. Thus no patient will ever forget his or her medications and all these will enjoy the convenience of the system with a level tailor-made to their needs.

For the administrators, however, it ensures compliance among each entity and quality control in the whole process ensuring safe and reliable exposure to all users. Also, it assists in monetizing the whole process through the setting out of the memberships for the pharmacies.

What’s more, Through our effective bidding marketplace, personalized reminders for the patient, and as a partner pharmacy effective inventory management of medicines we guarantee overall process streamlining to ensure better collaboration among all concerned stakeholders for hassle-free practice.

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Better User Experience: A blend of a highly competitive setting, personal reminders on the update of the medicine kit, and well-oiled inventory mechanisms, our solution seeks to ensure that all users’ experience in the entire process chain remains seamless and more rewarding to the satisfaction of the patient, pharmacy, doctor, and the administrator.


Improved Connectivity: This platform will easily be incorporated to allow communication and smooth workability between all the parties involved- patients, pharmacies, doctors, and administrators.

Increased Medication Access: Our platform offers patients numerous options of medication products which widens the range for patients to choose from and guarantees that they will find the best fit.

Empowered Patients: The ability to set dosage reminders and manage their accounts empowers the patients to take control of their treatments, hence giving them the feeling of personal soundness of mind.

Competitive Marketplace: Unique bidding makes it a competitive marketplace where various pharmacies can show off their offers and compete against each other on medication requests of the patients at the pharmacy in driving quality and affordability.

Personalized Experience: When it comes to personalization issues, this, therefore, puts the patient in a position that is explained by cherry-picking the very best offer from any competing pharmacy thereby availing an individualized and customized medication experience based on one’s preference as well as adherence to their budget.

Compliance and Quality Control: Administrators include compliance and keep quality control from review to completion making a safe and reliable process for the users.

Monetization Opportunities: The process poses an opportunity to monetize the same with setups for the online membership of the pharmacies, revenue generation, and making business models.

Streamlined Operations: Our solution will streamline the procurement and the supply chain of medication in your pharmacies also making inventory management easy and at large optimizing the overall operations of the pharmacies with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Options of Medication Restricted: This solution can meet the challenge because the patient is linked to more than one pharmacy, instead of going to a single one, and thus he has many options for getting medicines.

Price Transparent: The bidding feature engages the solution to create a competitive marketplace that ensures price transparency as well as empowering the patient to select the most cost-effective medication option.

Medication Adherence: The solution will take care of all the related issues for medicine adherence by personally reminding them to adhere to their medicine schedules.

Manual Medication Inventory Management: Manual management of pharmacy inventories is poor. They benefit from the solution by offering them an effective system for managing medicines inventories, which will make it possible to the optimization of the stock levels and prevent the costs of shortages because of out-of-stock or excess stock problems.

Fragmented Communication and Collaboration: The solution integrates patients, pharmacies, doctors, and administrators in one seamless platform for communication and collaboration. Communication and collaboration for each stakeholder come through the medication procurement process.

Monetization Opportunities: Membership options of the pharmacies are introduced by the solution, as a monetization opportunity not only via traditional sales.

Operational inefficiencies: The solution actualizes improved efficiency in medication acquisition through digitizing and automating key processes reducing administrative burdens.

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mobile app for medical prescription bidding image3

Fragmented Patient Experience: The solution integrates the different functionalities into a central platform offering the patients a coherent and cohesive experience throughout the process of medication procurement.


Successful application of the cutting-edge platform was indicative of its transformational impacts on the media procurement procedure. Consequently, the solution linked patients, pharmacies, doctors, and administrators and aimed at challenges that so far were not mentioned anywhere, among them – empowering collaboration in all directions and providing each side with convenience and individual adaptation to everything. With improved access to medication, transparency of prices, and adherence supported, this platform has been proven as a game changer in the simplification of procurement of medication and the augmentation of healthcare outcomes.

Technologies Used