Client Requirement

The client wanted to develop an application for iOS and Android platforms that can involve fun and is a simple way to connect with classmates and alumni in a college or a university. The requirements were to build an app that enables to hook up or remain in contact with your peers through this application as long as you are a student of the college/university. This application can assist in making friends and connecting with people swiftly.

Further, the client also needed to get the one to one chat using Quickblox tool, a quick collage or album creator feature. The entire idea and the connected link were to enable the users and customers to explore rooms for college from the list and work out on the room design features.



The biggest challenge was to connect all this features and functionality in a single application. Also, that the client needed a robust, stable and multi-tasking solution which can work on numerous criteria. There were multiple objectives which include enabling:

  • One to one chat feature using Quickblox
  • Collage and Albums Creator for the users
  • Swipe Left / Right function similar to Tinder
  • To have comprehensive room design features and functionalities
  • For room owners to create best bunkies profile and find their bunkies
  • Manage the multiple furniture options and the final payment mode


Technostacks’ team for iOS and Android application development created an assortment of solution modules that can have extensive features and functionalities as below:

Social Cards:

Share social interest and gain the opportunity for students to interact with one another, as well as alumni.


Create exciting collages that enable your peers to see periodically how you are doing in the college. The app has a list of predefined collage shapes that user can select from and use their images to create albums.

In app Messaging:

Did you see something interesting on another student’s College Board? Forgot what day orientation is? No problems send them kudos or ask them a question with in application messaging tool.


  • Room Design feature comprises of overlaying of multiple images above each other to create a room
  • The customer as a user can view the room and can take a look & feel with furniture
  • The users have multiple options to select or change the furniture from the list
  • The users will have several furniture options to pick from
  • At the end, the user can make the payment locally
  • One can switch to a lamp, bed, frame images, wallpaper, table, carpet, plants and more as you can see in screenshots


  • A customer can browse the roomies profiles, see their picture, check name and age
  • The customer can use the chat option to chat for the further deal
  • He can click on the cross option if there is no interest or can click on the heart option if there is some interest in the student for the deal
  • He can also see the other customer favourite lists for better access


  • The customer will get the list of their end customer names from their respective college. The customer can search roomies from the list or can search through the search options.


  • This is such an effective app for any college student with everyone being so tech savvy now a day. The application is informative and helpful to both customers and students as the key stakeholders.
  • The students can find the perfect roommate and potentially select their rooms when going to college or entering at the university level. This application assists in making friends and connecting with new people in the college and the university as well as equally beneficial to customers offering rooms.
  • As per user feedbacks the setup of the app is seamless, it is innovatively designed without having any issue in usage and comes with user-friendly functionality.


  • Technostacks’ advanced application development and analytical expert teams have developed this app model which can manage chatting features between different users, enables collage and albums builder functionality. It also handles room design features and connects room owners with roomies providing a match for their mutual needs with a precise app solution.
  • Our client consistently manages the application solution and we are looking to add more functionality in the app in the coming time. The app is currently live as well as usable on iOS platform and will be live soon on Android platform too.

Technologies Used

iOS app