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Steps for Submitting Mobile App to Google Play Store

Submit android app to play store
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Jul 20 2020

If you are looking for how to uploading a mobile application to the Google Play Store then you are on a right place. Here are given steps that you have to follow.

Prerequisites Thing

  • Need to Have Your Own App!
  • Your app will need a unique Bundle ID to represent it.
  • You should be signed up to Google Play Store Console and be a Play Publisher.

Step 1: Make a Developer Account (Quick Info)

A Developer account is required to upload an app on the Google Play Store. This Process is More Straightforward than it seems. The account is created in four simple Following Steps.

  1. Sign In with Your Google Account.
  2. Accept All the agreement in Google Console.
  3. Pay Registration fee of $25.
  4. Complete your Account Details.

Step 2: Make Your App Ready to be Published.

Reference of the Below Steps is in the Attached Screenshot of the Current Step.

  1. Log into the Google Play Store With your Play Publisher account.
  2. Create an application by Selecting All Applications from the Left-hand Menu.
  3. Now Click on Create Application in order to begin creating Application.
  4. Choose a Language and Enter a title for your Application (Limit Up to 50 Characters)
  5. Click On Create Button.
  6. Now Select Store Listing Option From Left Menu, In the Last You Will add all the relevant information about your app.

Relevant Information is Listed Below.

    • Short Description:This will be shown on the App’s Google Play store listing
    • Full description: You have Maximum 4000 Characters. This Will be Shown When a user opens your app’s store listing.

    • Screenshots: Click Add Screenshot and Upload Screenshots of the App. This will show how your app looks.

    • Hi-Res icon: This is the Icon that will be shown in Google Play Store and on your users Device when Download.

  • Video Link: You Can also add a Link to a video of your app. This can be a YouTube Link.
  • Application Type: You Can set the type of your Application, Whether its an App or Game.
  • Category: Business, travel, education, etc.

Make Sure all your Information is Correct and Then Click on Save Draft to Save your app information and Move on the Next Step.

Step 3: Upload the Apk / App Bundle files for your app.

After Complete Prerequisites and Step 1 and 2 need to Release your app. Its time to actually upload the files before release.

  1. From the Left Hand Menu, Click On App Releases.
  2. Choose the type of release for the first release from an internal test. Closed track, Open track or Production track release. By Selecting the Type you will be redirected to Next Page.
  3. Click On Create Release. And You will be redirected to a new Page.
  4. Scroll to New Release to Production Page.
  5. Choose Whether you want to Use Google Play Signing in your app or Click OPT-OUT to ignore and sign in locally or click Continue.
  6. Click on Browse Files and Choose your app’s APK or App Bundle files to Upload
  7. Click On Review at the Bottom right of the Page. This will confirm your app’s release information.
    If you Are Planning to test your app among certain users. Then Select from an Internal test, Closed test, or open test. If you are ready to introduce your app to the mass audience, then choose Production Release. However, it is recommended to thoroughly test the app with a Smaller audience before a massive launch.

Step 4: Provide Appropriate Content Rating.

If you Dont Assign a rating to your app it will be listed as ‘unrated’. Maybe get removed from play store.

  1. You will need to go to the Content Writing Page by Selecting Option from the Left Menu.
  2. Click on Continue.
  3. Enter Your Email Address And Confirm it.
  4. From the Options Select Your App Type or Category.
  5. Fill the Box of Survey.
  6. Click on Save Questionnaire.
  7. Click on Calculate Rating to Show your App Rate From Play Store.
  8. Click on Apply Rating to Confirm your app’s content rating.

Step 5: Setup App Content.

  1. Select App Content Option from Left Menu.
  2. Choose Some Options By Selecting Target audience and content.
  3. You Can Manage Ads from the Same Page. If your App contains Ads, Check Yes otherwise No.
  4. Add Privacy Policy.

Step 6: Setup Pricing and Distribution.

Once you know how your is going to make money, you can go ahead and set up your app as free or paid.

  1. Select whether you want your app to be Free or Paid.
  2. Select Available for the countries you want your app released in or Select Unavailbale otherwise.
  3. Read And Accept or declines Contents Guidelines. You Will Find Help on The Same Page.

Step 7: Publish Your App.

Now You are ready to Release the app if you have Done all the Steps Before.

  1. Now Go Back to the App Release Section by Selecting option from Left Menu.
  2. Click On Edit Release.
  3. Click on Review at Bottom Right on the page.
  4. Click on Start Rollout to production Button to finalize from Bottom Right Side.
  5. Click on Confirm When Dialog Prompt.

Congratulations! App Rolled Out success and It will send all its information to Google For Review Your App. If Everything is fine, App Will be Published within two hours in the Selected countries that you’ve selected.

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