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Giving a voice to your business with Amazon Alexa Skills

Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based voice assistant. It can be accessed through a variety of devices, such as the Echo family of devices, through voice. Our Alexa Skills developers have expertise on the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) and can build natural voice experiences for Alexa that offer your customers a more intuitive way to interact with your business.

Technostacks helps you take optimum advantage of the skills processing abilities of Alexa for your business needs. When your target consumer interacts with Alexa, the voice model is streamed to the Alexa service in the cloud. Alexa analyses it, recognizes what the user wants and then sends a structured request to the particular skill that can handle the user’s request. Our developers help to build such skills that can cater to a wide range of user interactions that are related to your business domain. Your business can deliver the next level of customer experience with our Amazon Alexa Skills solutions.

The growing popularity of Alexa and its availability across a range of Amazon devices means your business has the potential to reach out to wider audience and in a wholly innovative way. If you want people to interact with your business with voice, using their Alexa Enabled devices, then our developers will help you to achieve that. Our skilled developers have in- depth knowledge of all tools, APIs, reference solutions, and documentation which makes it quite easy for us to build skills with Alexa for your business requirements. We can also build and deploy skills that feature location-enabled context to automate administrative tasks for the workplace. Our Alexa Skills developers have the ability to create solutions for every step of the customer journey as well as advanced workplace solutions.

Our developers professionally design for natural language conversation. We use the best interaction design practices that are renowned the world over. We also make sure that the skills can handle all unexpected user utterances gracefully and easily. If you want our developers to give a voice to your business, you must contact us immediately.

Why Technostacks for Amazon Alexa Skills?

  • Our developers are experts in designing voice user interface, setting up skills in developer portals, building interaction models and writing the code for your skills.
  • Not just voice, our developers can create visual and touch interaction skills too for Alexa.
  • We have a very transparent development process that keep you updated about each stage in the development process.
  • We thoroughly test whether the skills work is delivering as intended with our stringent quality checking process.

With the advent of cloud processing and the ease of speaking with devices in natural language, the popularity of Alexa is only going to increase. Let us help you make your business ready for talking with people using Alexa.
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