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AWS IoT Creates Infinite Solutions For Your Business

Solutions backed by the world’s best cloud service provider and cutting edge IoT Services

AWS IoT is an Amazon service that enables Technostacks’ AWS IoT app developers to create solutions that connect devices with cloud, thus allowing your business to leverage the potential of critical data and services on the cloud. Our AWS IoT developers have expertise in a collection of AWS IoT services such as AWS IoT core, AWS IoT Device Management, AWS Greengras, AWS IoT Analytics and use this proficiency to deliver highly advanced solutions to businesses.

With AWS IoT, we develop and design applications that offer a high level of data security, optimum resource management, seamless integration of various Amazon IoT services, quick processing of high data volumes with complex algorithm and extremely reliable communication with connected devices. Our developers can utilize AWS IoT to support a wide array of devices, help your business to link with them and route messages to AWS endpoints and to other devices rapidly, reliably and securely.

Our skilled programmers can build bidirectional connections using AWS IoT to enable devices to send and receive messages at any time with low latency. We can also use AWS IoT for mutual authentication and encryption at each and every point of connection to ensure that no data is ever exchanged between devices and AWS IoT Core without a proven identity.

Our developers utilize the AWS IoT Device SDK to enable your devices to connect, authenticate and exchange messages with AWS IoT Core by making use of MQTT, HTTP or WebSockets protocols. The AWS IoT supports C, Arduino and JavaScript along with client libraries that help our developers build amazing apps for you.

Why Technostacks for AWS IoT?

  • Our AWS IoT developers have a proven track record of using AWS Management Console, Software Development Kits and the AWS Command Line Interface for developing world-class IoT apps.
  • Our developers use AWS IoT to collect and analyze data from all the connected cloud devices and sensors and link it with your AWS Cloud applications.
  • Competitive pricing for development projects ensures sophisticated IoT applications are now within reach of all businesses irrespective of their size or scale.

Our developers make it easy for you to securely onboard, organize, monitor and manage IoT devices remotely on a large scale using AWS IoT. AWS IoT is an extremely reliable platform. Whether you are a small business enterprise or a large business, our developers can easily use AWS IoT for facilitating critical business functions. If you need apps that can leverage the power of AWS IoT, get in touch with us. We are waiting to provide the ultimate power of AWS IoT to your business.

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