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How Chatbots Are Transforming The Automotive Industry?

How Chatbots Are Transforming The Automotive Industry
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Nov 18 2020

The rise of digitization is transforming organizations, industries, and people from all walks of life. It is the era of conversational commerce, and Chatbot in the automotive industry is combined with several OTT applications. And the Chatbots are gradually proving to be a unified solution for business communication processes.

A recent survey reports that 90 percent of consumers today prefer instant messaging to invigorate communication with a business, while only 63 percent of consumers prefer messaging over any other communication channel.

Today, contemporary living is witnessing consumers, especially millennials, actively engage in messenger and chat applications. They are actively involved in manifesting a purchase, research, and interaction on a real-time basis, benefitting business and organizations.

With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, today’s platforms offer a real-time experience while engaging with the preferred brands. The automotive industry is one such area where customers need personalized assistance while economizing the procedure for automakers and car dealers.

But before any other detail is chased, here is brief info about what chatbots are.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are conversational assistants that use artificial intelligence (AI) to converse with diverse kinds of consumers effectively. Industries such as the automotive industry make most of the chatbots as a part of their marketing strategy.

How Chatbots Are Beneficial For The Automotive Industry?

Like every other industry, chatbots can alter the automotive industry and significantly benefit customers. Here are brief information and insights on how chatbots are changing the automotive industry.

Here are the major reasons to have chatbots for the automotive industry.

  1. 24*7 Onsite Messenger
    Today, the digital economy has increased the expectations of customers in terms of both accessibility and convenience. For becoming a winner in the current competitive world, automotive dealers need to be well prepared to deliver a meaningful and engaging customer firsthand experience. The automotive chatbots efficiently help the dealer to catch the ever-evolving understanding of the customers.Chatbots can offer real-time and instant conversations seven days a week and 365 days a year. Customers have the liberty to interact with the representatives, along with receiving dedicated support from chatbots. When the dealership is not operational during odd hours, customers can still interact with the Chatbot and obtain the necessary assistance.
  2. After-sales Service
    The ultimate aim is never to sell a car instead of offering an overall experience to propagate further assistance. While dealers are busy and service bays are crammed with an unending list of orders, the chatbots for the automotive sector are the right assistance to help automate schedules and decipher problems while getting connected with the right dealer. When a customer schedules an appointment, they also need to know the estimated cost and delivery time. Although these tasks might look minimal, however, they create an enriching and valuable customer bond.These are efficient in elevating dealer retention and customer engagement levels. It can effectively touch each aspect of the delivery chain, including retailers, dealers, salesmen, manufacturers, and service technicians. The auto industry is one such sector that continues to evolve while embracing the future of car buying and personalized experience for every consumer.
  3. Lead Generation
    A chatbot for the automotive industry can efficiently convert the public Facebook profile into a source that offers useful data, ensuring an instant lead generation. A chatbot deployed FB messenger can identify the customer instantly through the profile and serve the necessary information.
  4. Test Drives
    While it can get hectic for the staff to perform the daily mundane task of seeking customers’ information intending to go for a test drive, the chatbots are equipped to handle the job well. It does so by uploading the information to the database, while the test drive appointments are quickly scheduled without any human being’s assistance.
  5. Alert Staff Members
    Automotive industry AI chatbots also alerts the staff members once a customer fills out an online form. It does so by leaving a message and schedules an appointment to communicate with a representative. The alerts pass the message without any delay and without needing the customer to wait.
  6. Voice Support
    A few of the chatbot platforms offer built-in voice support. This scenario enables customers to communicate with the Chatbot instead of typing and sending messages. Hence, it is beneficial to provide a more realistic experience and a human touch.
  7. Internal Support
    A pile of information needs to be catered to regularly. It could be customers, inventory, automobiles, and more. Thanks to the chatbots, it has become one essential source of information for any queries while helping employees get quick access to obtaining relevant information.
  8. Service Plea
    The dealers in the automotive field receive daily service requests, and using the car dealer chatbot can further automate the process. It can interact with the customer, capture the required data, and set up the service request forward. The staff members can furthermore view the appointments and form the plan accordingly.As per a survey by Capgemini, conducted on 12000 consumers along with 1000 executives from varied industries, it was seen that 50 percent of automotive companies make use of AI-enabled chat or chat assistants to engage the customers actively.
  9. Hassle-free Sales Conversions
    Car dealers offer a pile of information on digital interfaces such as social media and websites while helping potential customers in the initial decision-making stages. However, the data is often too much for customers to absorb, and dealers are assisting customers in ending up incurring maximum efforts to convince customers for sales.Here, by deploying the automated chatbots, dealers can efficiently reach out to a broad audience while generating awareness and simplifying the prospect’s research and collaboration details. With such functionality, even customers can simultaneously chat with a friend and check the estimated value while setting an appointment online.
  10. Reduced Wait Interval
    Customers today are quite busy with their personal work and are used to attaining instant responses. The same applies to the automotive industry, where automotive dealers need to invest in a more convenient solution such as automotive chatbots observing these types of trends. Also, this scenario effectively caters to the growing expectations of the customers. No longer do customers need to wait for a solution. Instead, they can attain it instantly through round a clock support system. Now, you can get your queries solved even at odd hours of the day with the enablement of automated chatbots.
  11. Reduced Costs
    Automation can save a significant amount of costs by introducing chatbots and automating sales, marketing, and customer support. It can efficiently reduce costs through timely service appointments and scheduling maintenance tasks.
  12. Boost Customer Engagements
    Chatbots helps to increase customer engagement and automates the varied aspects of the delivery chain. It enables customers to schedule appointments and receive the necessary estimates. In this case, booking also becomes as easy as responding to the message, and the customer also attains regular reminders, offering seamless services support.

Key Takeaways

Hence, chatbots today are transforming the realm of the automotive industry and creating a revolution in its real sense. There is tremendous potential in the way the technology helps the automotive industry deal with customers, save costs, and improves customer engagement.

By helping businesses build a strong bond with the stakeholders, car dealers, and customers, today’s technology is winning the world of the internet.

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