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Key Reasons Why You Should Use ReactJS For Web Development

why use react js for web development
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Aug 25 2022

ReactJS is a popular frontend javascript library used for web development. Most of the developers preferred using it for creating user interfaces.

Frameworks and the front-end are necessary and fundamental components of web development.

Multiple new frameworks and libraries are emerging to get good outcomes as technology advances daily.

As per Statista reported, React is second most used web framework among software developers worldwide.

In this cutthroat age of technology, many frameworks are available, but we’ll explain why web development using React.js is the highest priority.

The following list of arguments illustrates why it is advisable to apply ReactJS while developing websites. To better understand the rationale behind ReactJS, let’s first give a brief overview of it.

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What is React.js?

To put it simply, React.js is the best JavaScript Library out there that maintained by Meta.

The unique Facebook platform, ReactJS, was released publicly by Facebook in 2011.

It is common knowledge that Facebook is among the most popular social media sites.

As a subsidiary of Facebook, even Instagram started using this platform. Facebook made ReactJS accessible as an open-source system in 2013.

React is one of the best javascript frameworks to use for web development and there is a number of tools available that make it easy to use.

The programmers were reluctant to accept it because it combined JavaScript and Markup into a single file. But as time went on, more people started to adopt the component-centric strategy for differentiating priorities.

Thus, it is currently the developer community’s most valued framework. Facebook released React Native in 2015 as well very soon. With the help of React frameworks, you can utilize ReactJS to construct native apps for Android and iOS.

Reasons Why Use React.js For Web Development

  1. You can learn it quite easily
    React is a framework that is significantly simpler to work with than several famous platforms like Angular and Vue. Perhaps it is one of the major factors behind ReactJS’ meteoric rise to success. Businesses may conveniently and rapidly launch their projects with its guidance.The more complicated the technology or framework will take a lot longer for the developers to launch the development program. And as you are aware, it is in everyone’s inclination to escape challenges.Many entrepreneurs and large corporations are seen choosing and leaning toward ReactJS as it is thought of as the simplest framework to understand and grasp.
  2. React is quite flexible
    React is noted for being highly flexible as compared to other frameworks. After acquiring it once, you may deploy it to produce high user interfaces across various platforms. React is just a library, not a framework, and due to this, it is a great tool.React was specially developed for building web business applications. Any element in your online process, such as a Grid, Text, Label, or Button, can serve as a React component.
  3. It has massive popularity and community
    React is tremendously popular, not just amongst American ReactJS developers but also worldwide. A great network and the ecosystem it fosters are sided benefits of this strategy.React’s community has expanded to support a wide range of user applications as its popularity has greatly increased. With technologies like Gatsby, React is also useful when building a static website.
  4. It fosters to build of rich user interfaces
    Any mobile or online application’s user experience is critical to the effective operation of the program and the website. The website may be destroyed, and consumers may not be retained if the user interface is not fully functional.On the other hand, excellent user interface (UI) mobile applications would gather the clients’ attention. It would also encourage them to return just as fast. Hence, you can garner good results by creating proper UI for apps.
  5. It has numerous reusable components
    React is immensely popular due to prominent factors, including components. The fact that they may be reused is also an important aspect of this. This implies that an element can be defined just once and used several times.There is a number of react component libraries available that quite helpful for developing a great user interface of your project.The use of reusable components is essential for accelerating development and raising productivity. Because it will cost you money and effort to construct websites on a wide scale, you will get a sense of relief and serenity when you utilize the same elements in various ways.
  6. You can create SEO friendly websites
    Search engine optimization or SEO is the most significant issue of every e-commerce marketplace, website, or mobile app. Search engine optimization is necessary for exhibiting your robust online presence.According to Moz, an app’s ranking on Google increases in exact correlation to how swiftly the website loads and renders.We are pleased with React’s quick rendering when compared to other frameworks. React speeds up performance and decreases website load times, which helps businesses rank top on the Google Search Engine Listing Page.
  7. It has JSX syntax for extended HTML
    You may use declarative HTML syntax instantly in JavaScript code kudos to React.js. Browsers process HTML language to deliver the user interface. They execute this by developing DOM trees that might ultimately be tweaked using JavaScript to provide interactive UI.By incorporating HTML and React.js elements into the browser’s data structure, creators may develop clean, maintainable code.We are a team of dedicated react js developers and can help you to implement the same for your project.The Virtual DOM and JSX enhance React.js apps quicker and more effectively. With JSX, you can utilize other frameworks and libraries apart from React UI Libraries.
  8. The capability of Flux and Redux
    The Flux and Redux functionalities that React supplies from the box also generate rising demands for it in the web development arena.Facebook’s developers were among the first to promote the Flux-based software architecture, which upgraded basic React elements with characteristics for unidirectional data flow and provided a much more efficient team of operations.As an outcome, produced operations are integrated, and a central dispatcher upgrades stores. The views are then updated in compliance with shop modifications. At that point, all data stays in storage; no replicas are formed, enabling you to maintain good model data synchronization throughout the application quickly.
  9. It avails an extensive tool set
    Among other things, our experts emphasize a great toolset and tech stacks to demonstrate why we directly employ React JS for web development. The Redux and React developer tools are user-friendly, and you can install and use them just like any other Chrome extension.In particular, with their assistance, you can effectively analyze React-based structure elements with their associated props and states, check dispatch operations, and view state changes immediately in the extension.
  10. There are unique React Hooks
    React Hooks potential replacement for Redux was the topic of intense discussion when it was initially launched. But Hooks, a new React.js 16.8, enables JavaScript developers to expand function components with states and other abilities. You won’t have to deal with any more demanding coursework with this.When determining why you should be creating web applications using ReactJS, hooks make it straightforward to manage state logic between components, combine similar logic into a single component, and transport data between components without props or classes.

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Popular Websites that utilize ReactJS

  1. Facebook
    Facebook is at the moment a leading social media site in the world, with over 2.6 billion active members. Facebook had 680 million members when ReactJS was launched, but they were already seeking a sustainable news feed solution.They require the news feed, in particular, to function separately from the rest of the website.This includes providing recommendations to every user based on their needs and automatically upgrading the most recent articles.All of this is doable without changing the post’s left or right columns. However, ReactJS now underpins several other important facets.Facebook first utilizes React for minor components like the Like and Login options. Moreover, React is also used to drive the share, comments, post, and video uploading features.The chat ability, user information, and subscribe functionality are further important characteristics created using the technology.
  2. Instagram
    In 2012, when Facebook acquired Instagram, the social media platform contained a one-page promotional website listing its iOS version. The developers decided to create a suitable website for Instagram using ReactJS after Facebook purchased the business and released a new Instagram app for iOS and Google Play.The majority of the Instagram online application today, including the news feed, navigation, authentication, and commenting features, are powered by ReactJS. The comment section and the status text block editor are additional features.
  3. Netflix
    The mission of Netflix, when it was founded more than twenty years ago, was to offer the finest media content directly to people’s households. One of the most well-known and recognizable entertainment providers nowadays is Netflix.Another feature of Netflix is its fantastic, simple, and cutting-edge user interface, which was created using ReactJS and RxJS. This package provides more than 10 billion hours of material daily to Netflix’s approximately 190 million subscribers combined with NodeJS for improved functionality.Additionally, this tech setup works wonderfully on all gadgets, even when your internet connection isn’t the best.
  4. Uber
    Uber was featured when there was an analysis of the top React Native apps of 2020. More significantly, it must be pointed out that experience was the major factor in Uber’s decision to use React Native as their mobile development platform.In other words, since React Native is built on ReactJS and their development team was already familiar with it, choosing that path made perfect sense.On the other hand, the Uber development team is a prodigy of ReactJS. More notably, in 2018, after years of using the framework, they learned how difficult it is to create a consistent, smooth experience for each Uber web app as Uber develops.So, they developed Base Web to make things simpler. Based on ReactJS, Base Web is an open-source design framework that includes pre-made components and functionalities.Similar to a library but with UI built in. In this approach, the team guarantees that all their platforms— built with and around ReactJS—have the same feel and high-quality code.
  5. New York Times
    Since its founding in 1851, The New York Times has spent more than 150 years providing us with the most important news stories from across the globe. The New York Times website is among the most well-known websites in the world, receiving close to 400 million unique visits each month.Before 2017, The New York Times development team employed a disorganized software stack.A “unique codebase” was utilized in certain locations, while PHP was used in others. It was, in a word, a mess. They used ReactJS for UI to completely rebuild the infrastructure as a fix.The New York Times team used additional Facebook, GraphQL, and Relay technologies for backend and improved functionality. Both are built on NodeJS; however, Relay is a codebase, whereas GraphQL is a query language for APIs.
  6. CNN
    CNN, one of the most well-known news organizations worldwide, is an American-based business that debuted in 1980. The first 24-hour news network in the world, CNN reaches hundreds of millions of American families every day.However, CNN is also a well-known online information source. Currently, cnn.com has an average of over 750 million visitors every month. CNN skillfully blends ReactJS with other complementary technologies to provide the globe with the best news articles, even though it is not the only technology in their stack.With hundreds of pieces published daily, CNN needs a quick and scalable platform solution. ReactJS’s inclusion in their tech stack is therefore not surprising.

Key Takeaways

There are a lot of answers to the question of why use React.js for frontend development. You need to make sure that it seamlessly fits into your requirements. But perhaps more crucially, ReactJS enjoys the backing of a sizable development community that works tirelessly to advance the technology.

And although this necessitates regular code maintenance on the developers’ part, it guarantees that websites using ReactJS will always be competitive.

We at Technostacks, a leading React JS development company offers cost effective and robust web development services by using a advanced ReactJS methods.

We have a team of best React.js developers and have an experience in working with global clients. Contact us for React.js development.

FAQs on Why Use React.js For Web Development

  1. Why should You use ReactJS for web development?
    Repackaging components is one of the important features of utilizing React JS. Developers save time since they don’t have to build several programs for the same functionalities. This is the top reason why React.js is a great choice for web development.Additionally, if modifications are made to one application area, they won’t have an impact elsewhere.
  2. Is React well for Web Development?
    For JavaScript developers developing single-page web apps, React.js is a wonderful choice. It enables programmers to build intricate websites with reusable parts. The capability to update only the component with the pertinent data is a significant advantage.
  3. Why is react better than other JavaScript libraries?
    In contrast to JavaScript libraries, ReactJS delivers code from the server to the browser like a conventional web page. As a result, we can no longer discuss Google (or other browsers) not being able to understand your web app due to its JavaScript-heavy design. It is more successful.
  4. What are the benefits of using React.js?
    ReactJS offers interaction to any UI layout and is incredibly simple to use. Additionally, it enables the rapid and quality-assured creation of applications, saving time for both clients and developers.
  5. Is React and ReactJS the same?
    Yes. Both are same.React is a JavaScript library that creates one-page web-based applications, sometimes referred to as ReactJs.
  6. Can I use ReactJS for front-end development?
    React is one of the most popular and frequently used libraries for front-end development, although it is not a framework. React, which Facebook founded, is an open-source JavaScript library that is employed for developing a catchy user interface of the web applications..
  7. Is ReactJS frontend or backend?
    React JS is mainly used as a front-end library for building user interfaces and components.. However it also offers the functionality like backend rendering, virtual DOM, data binding etc.
  8. Is it easy to develop a web application with React?
    Reusable components makes easy to develop a website with React.js. The reusable code can be write same for both desktop and mobile applications. Developers not need to write same code again that reduce efforts and time.
  9. What are some examples of ReactJS development?
    Tech and social media gians adopt React.js for improving their web application performance. Some examples of ReactJS development are Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Salesforce, Flipboard, Asana, BBN, BBC, Dropbox, Instacart etc.
  10. What projects can I do with React?
    You can create projects like social cards, calculators, entertainment apps, productivity apps, and more with React. It is a great choice for any kind of project, including small projects. It has a component-based approach which provides massive benefits to the developers.
  11. Is react for big projects?
    Yes, it is possible to construct sizable enterprise-grade systems and big projects using React. It not only save the time but also improve the loading speed of the website.
  12. Is react worth learning?
    Learning React is undoubtedly essential. React is not only a trend that will last for some time. What matters is the web development techniques React helped promote, not React itself. Although the concepts of functional programming and unidirectional data flow have been around for a while, the Web has only just begun to take advantage of them.

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