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Industry leading apps that utilize IBM Watson to unlock new value for businesses

IBM Watson IoT is an IoT platform used by developers at Technostacks to build apps that drive operational efficiencies, profitable business processes and deliver a superior user experience. Technostacks developers use this platform to add powerful AI to business IoT apps. The IoT apps developed by our skilled developers using IBM Watson are extremely cognitive, can be deployed easily and securely and provide insight that matters. The app developers at Technostacks leverage Watson IoT to bring about business transformation through scalable solutions for connected devices.

Our skilled developers can provide you with industry leading digital offerings with Watson IoT’s cognitive abilities and machine learning to unlock new value for businesses in industry, utilities, transport and infrastructure. Both predictive and prescriptive analytics are offered to you by our developers using IBM Watson.

IBM Watson allows our developers to enrich your apps with numerous additional features that support your IoT deployment and help you get the most out of your investment. With our deployment of IBM Watson, your business gets secure digital devices, networks, data and applications. Our developers have in- depth knowledge of additional APIs that can be used with IBM Watson to seamlessly extend your app functionality using industry specific accelerators.

Kick start your IoT projects by working with the IBM Watson IoT experts at Technostacks and enhance your products and service models by allowing us to leverage the power of IBM Watson for your needs. Our developers will create apps that will help you use IoT data to make better sense of unstructured data from videos and images, and also source more effective market and business insights from unstructured textual data.

Why Technostacks for IBM Watson IoT?

  • Our developers are well-versed with Watson IoT client libraries that provide us with files and tools to develop code for integrating and connecting your apps with the data streaming from devices.
  • Our programmers use IBM Watson to fully manage your IoT landscape which helps you make better and real- time business decisions.
  • Our developers leverage the functionalities of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and image and text analytics offered by IBM Watson to enrich your IoT apps.
  • We have a transparent development process, which means you are in sync with the developers at every stage of the development process.

This will keep you one step ahead of your competitors. Our expert developers are a passionate bunch, always ready to take up the most challenging projects.
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