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Connected or smart devices look like an extremely radical concept now, but the application of Internet of Things (IoT) in businesses, industry and our daily lives is steadily increasing. In the near future, IoT will be an integral part of how devices and the world at large functions. We are increasingly seeing users interacting with devices connected with internet, but without actually being anywhere near these devices. These devices are not just connected to the user but also other devices and databases in the network.Technostacks helps you leverage the power of IoT to improve customer engagement and drive business revenue. Our highly skilled developers are experienced in a range of integration patterns that seamlessly bring together devices and platforms together to deliver more value to target users.

Our Smart Parking IoT enabled solutions help parking management firms maximize the potential of their business by providing extremely convenient parking access and also help increase revenue.

  • Great for use in unattended parking kiosks, thus reducing overheads and improving profitability.
  • Businesses can set up and offer parking facilities without making a huge amount of monetary investment.
  • Personnel can manage the parking process remotely and also manage it more effectively.
  • Integrate the IoT app with value added services to improve customer experience if and when needed.

As a health care provider your core objective is to make heathcare more accessible to patients. With our IoT application you can ensure better patient care and at the same time increase business profitability.

  • Remote monitoring apps help doctors’ keep track of patient progress, remotely.
  • We can create apps that help enhance patient-doctor engagement levels, which in turn improve the overall experience of the whole process.
  • IoT apps can be used to improve inventory management, workflow optimization and device integration in hospitals.
  • IoT in healthcare can also improve the security in hospitals and also become an important part of the maintenance of devices and machines.

The use of IoT in transportation can help make roads safer for both drivers and pedestrians, optimize public transportation routes, bring down infrastructure costs and at the end of day result in better profits for your business.

  • Businesses can offer IoT solutions that improve WiFi connectivity in buses, trains and other modes of public transportation.
  • Our developers have expertise in embedded and tethered connection for connected cars and can develop cutting edge apps to help drivers connect to their cars using their smartphones.
  • We are also experts in integrating apps with cars that make a driver’s life a whole lot easier while driving.
  • We can create apps that can help sense acceleration and braking, thus helping drivers save fuel and improve safety standards.

Retailers can offer a meaningful and value added in-store experience using IoT. The right IoT driven apps can help customers make the perfect buying decisions and also help shops engage them better. As can be imagined IoT can enable retailers sell more and increase profits.

  • Technostacks has expertise in creating IoT apps that improve maintenance of in-store equipment by instrumenting them with sensors to predict maintenance issues.
  • Our IoT apps development expertise spans app creation for retail warehousing to drive warehouse automation.
  • IoT apps can help enhance customer engagement by enabling customers to check in-store pricing, and other product information like offers and discounts.
  • Our retail app development services for IoT include apps that help map a customer’s shopping journey so that retailers can make better and more profitable sales decisions.

IoT makes manufacturing facilities safer, efficient and more productive. In an extremely competitive world, our IoT apps development for the manufacturing sector, will give your facility an edge over others.

  • Our manufacturing apps can help your facility reduce downtime by not only predicting but also preventing equipment failure. This will help improve overall performance of equipment and also their longevity.
  • You can use apps to improve the process efficiency of your facility by getting access to key data that helps you fine tune your processes.
  • You can make the most of the product development process by monitoring, accessing and controlling both Product Lifecycle Management and Application Lifecycle Management, and integrating the two across your product lineup to get better results.
  • Improve overall performance of the facility by getting a better handle on various problems and situation even before they occur.

IoT Firmware Development

IoT has changed the way things work around the world. Connecting devices to the internet have a lot of benefits, along with some drawbacks. The proper firmware development is one of the main reasons why IoT is lagging in spite of all the benefits that it gives to users. For most of the industry experts, IoT firmware development is a gray area.

Still, we at Technostacks took up the matters into our hands and are now delivering the best firmware with cutting edge technology to the world. We know how vital scalability is and ensure that our firmware provides customers with some of the great options. IoT hardware and firmware development is the core of the internet of things, and a small mistake in their development can lead to some significant issues.

This scenario is the reason why we at Technostacks leverage the best technologies available in the industry to create the firmware. We make sure that our diverse range of clients receives the best firmware that suits their requirements. IoT is nothing without proper firmware, and we understand that. We are experts in developing custom firmware. We provide our clients with the latest over the air firmware update & IoT OTA updates so that they can use it to the fullest. Our specialized team are expert in software updates in IoT and ensures that our clients and end-users get every update related to firmware without fail.

Enabling IoT Hardware Development

IoT is a combination of both firmware and hardware. The absence of either of them will create havoc when it comes to IoT. We understand the importance as well as the significance of high-quality hardware, and our team ensures that you get the right equipment that is required for your business. We have years of experience in building hardware for Internet of Things devices.

This scenario is of a fast-paced world that needs highly capable and adaptable technology that is vital for the upcoming generations. We are expertise in hardware design/development and offer to unlock a new wave of creativity for the services and software. IoT hardware devices are game-changers, and we are here to design the perfect tools that are highly reliable. We have expertise in various fields of IoT development and ensure that you get the most out of our services.

Why does the IoT require Software or Firmware Updates?

The firmware and software updates are a crucial part of any IoT network. These updates will fix any bugs present in the firmware and improvise its security along with new features. Some devices automatically download the updates that are provided by the internet, and some others must be updated automatically.

Either way, these updates offer some exciting features along with them. It is mandatory to update the firmware and keep it up with the latest features. This way, various types of security issues can be curbed, and the security of firmware will also be improved.

We at Technostacks, expert in IoT hardware & firmware development and offer secure software or firmware updates for IoT devices to ensure that users are getting the most out of these updates. IoT OTA (Over the Air) updates play a very critical role in IoT success. IoT is a network that is connected with the internet, and it has potential threats revolving around it. Updates from time to time will keep the system network in check and ensure that there are no threats.

Core Functionalities of IoT Rollouts

  • Reliable and scalable IoT network that will help businesses to grow.
  • Supports the IoT app integration and ensures that it can be linked with various platforms.
  • Emergency shutdown of the device if there are any update failures which is critical in the survival of the application.
  • Includes monitoring, reporting, and audit logging.
  • Enables updates for the device’s firmware automatically.
  • Handles a lot of tools securely and ensure that they are safe to use.
  • The data model is quite flexible, and it fits with every IoT use case.

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