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We at Technostacks, offer Kotlin application development services for Android applications. Kotlin is an open-source, cross-platform, statically-typed programming language sponsored by Jet Brains and officially supported by Google. We have an expert team of Kotlin developers who have worked on multiple Android application development projects.

Our services include kotlin mobile app development, kotlin app optimization, upgrading of the kotlin apps, kotlin app maintenance, kotlin migration, independent and testing services.

Benefits of Kotlin

Kotlin programming language is being used on a wide scale since its adoption by Google as its official Android application development language. Kotlin development ensures high quality and speedy development of the application. Not just Google, but other big global companies like Pinterest, Netflix, Uber, Trello, Kickstarter, and Coursera have made a switch from their native Android apps built using Java to Kotlin. This is because of the many benefits that Kotlin programming language provides over Java:


Kotlin is a very concise programming language, i.e., it reduces the underlying boilerplate code significantly, hence enhancing the productivity of the app.

Improved user experience

Kotlin Android app development process reduces app crashes and helps remove bugs, hence making it a stable operation.

Convert existing java code

Kotlin framework has an in-built tool to convert existing Java code. This adds to the increased development efficiency by reducing development time.

Fail-fast system, secure, and trustworthy

Google introduced a fail-fast system in the Kotlin tooling, which points out the errors and fails if issues arise. Some safety features that it has include removing nullability and immutability. This verifies the accuracy of programs.

Functional and object-oriented support

Kotlin supports both aspects of programming functions and object-oriented, hence reducing the duplication. Practical support and an approach to handle it also enable error-free multithreading.

Reduced development efforts

Kotlin makes android app development a breeze for the developers. It is interoperable with existing Android app development programming languages and runtime, concise, expressive. This makes it a flexible, robust, and quick-coding programming language.

Why Choose Technostacks?

As a Kotlin development company, we have proved our state-of-the-art technology adoption and fast application development practices. Our key drivers as a Kotlin app development which contribute to our success model are:

  • An experienced team of professional Android application developers who have expertise in building high-performance applications with Kotlin and transitioning existing Java applications to Kotlin framework.
  • Our quality driven process ensures we follow best industry practices, use up-to-date technology tooling, the minimal error rate on projects, quick response times, and maintenance schedules.
  • We ensure that our solutions are cost-effective for your needs. We provide the best competitive rates among any other kotlin app development company in the USA or India.
  • We have an expert and specialist team of professionals, which is highly committed to designing, architecting, and developing state of the art solutions, built using kotlin app services for your industry needs.
  • Our work capability and availability are proven by the project success rate. Teams at Technostacks work in shifts and are available to take requests and build solutions on the clock. We have a get-shit-done attitude.

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