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On-demand applications are on the rise these days. Similar to their name, the on-demand applications are the ones that are designed for making customer’s life easy. For example, the on-demand solution will help you in getting a taxi, a handyman, or groceries right to you. These apps will help in providing on-demand services immediately.

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Features of On-Demand App Development

Below you can see features required in the app and it will decide the on-demand app development cost.

User Accounts

Users should have a platform where they can register their accounts. They should have the option of signing up using mobile, social media accounts, or email account.


Push notifications play a significant part in on-demand applications. The applications should send push notifications to customers with regular updates if they have opted for service. This scenario is one of the best ways to keep in touch with customers.

Multiple Payment Options

There are so many mobile wallets, debit cards, credit cards, and cash on delivery modes of payment. Developers should provide all these options for the users. This way, they will make it easy for customers.


There are a number of on-demand apps examples available and taxi booking is one of that. If it is a taxi, users can book it for the time and location they are convenient.


Not every on-demand application can provide this service, but if possible, it is always a great idea to include it. The customer should have the choice to cancel the service until and unless the service starts.


Users should have a history tab where they can have a look at the services that they have opted from time to time.

Advance Bookings

Booking in advance should be a feature that every on-demand app must-have. This way, the customers will be able to book any particular service in advance and get it served later.

Ratings and Reviews

It is always important to get feedback from a customer for the service that you have provided. Giving them a rating feature will help your business a lot.

Split charges and keep track of them

If a service provider serves two customers at the same time, then they can split the bill. Some people want to keep track of their proposals. So, the app should track all the bills and store records.

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