Amazon Lambda Services

Build An Apps That Leverage Potentials Of Amazon Lambda

Apps that Don’t Depend on Servers for Computing Needs and which Scale Automatically

Amazon Lambda, is a cloud computing platform that does away with the need for server provisioning or management to run application code. Amazon Lambda is an event- driven computing platform that is used by our developers at Technostacks to create apps with perfectly scaled backend infrastructure, which only scale when used, and can process heavy workloads easily. Our expert AWS Lambda developers create apps wherein the code is run with zero administration, which results in huge cost savings for your business – the application code runs only when needed. You pay for the compute time consumed when the app code is running.

Our developers build apps that leverage the potential of Amazon Lambda to deliver amazing user experiences. We have built Amazon Lambda apps for a wide variety of business needs and which offer specific functionalities that trigger computing when an end-user performs a specific action. Our developers create backend codes that respond to events like image uploads, in-app activities, website clicks, sensor inputs, object uploads, updates to tables, change in data or in- app activities.

Our developers use Amazon Lambda to handle all capacity building, scaling, patching and administration of the infrastructure for your apps. Our skilled developers also extract real time metrics and logs from Amazon Lambda and use them to improve your app performance.

Why Technostacks for Amazon Lambda?

  • Complete expertise in languages such as Node.js, Java, C#, Go and Python to supply code supported by AWS Lambda.
  • Our developers are skilled in creating custom logic that makes it easy to compute data as it enters or moves through the cloud.
  • Technostacks AWS Lambda developers can utilize the capability of Amazon Lambda to handle multiple functions for long- running tasks by building seamless workflows.
  • With Amazon Lambda, our highly skilled developers can build stateful, long-running processes for applications and backends.
  • Complete transparency in development process ensures you can keep up to date with the various development stages of your app.

GWe are experts in using Amazon Lambda and we would love to make use of our expertise for your needs. Ready to leverage the ease of Amazon Lambda for your apps?
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