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The users who are using mobile for financial transactions and various other finance-related works have increased rapidly lately. In 2019, people who are using mobile banking are more than the people who are using online banking. This scenario is the reason why most of the people are using finance apps.

There is a five-fold growth in the last few years in the fintech industry, and it has become mandatory for companies to go for the fintech mobility solution. All the fintech organizations, including startups, along with esteemed banks, are approaching for finance app development.

Technostacks is a top Fintech app development company in the USA & India that offers Fintech mobile app services for global clients. You can hire Fintech app developers from us full-time or part-time for your project requirement.

Fintech Development Services

Here are some of the fintech apps that we at Technostacks provide to our clients:

We develop a proper insurance app for the finance organizations so that it becomes easy for customers to pay their insurance on time and at the same time, comes in handy for employees too. We always ensure that both the parties who are using our app can get the most out of it. Our apps will increase the productivity of your staff.

Our fintech app development expertise will provide you with wallet apps that make it simple to transfer money from one person to another. You can connect with QR code, mobile number, or in any way that you please. Customers will get to transfer money directly from their mobile phone by just linking their cards.

Are you searching for financial app development company that can help you with the investments, then we are here. We will develop you an intriguing investment app where a customer gets to check their spending, portfolio of various investment options, and many more.

Benefits and Features of Fintech Software Development

Keep Tabs on Money

Mobile is the only thing that most of the people carry with them anywhere they go. If you start paying using the fintech apps that you have on your mobile, it becomes straightforward for you to keep the tabs on them. This scenario is the reason why most of the people are preferring fintech apps lately. You can check your bank balance immediately, and tracking the portfolio is an easy job for you.

Saves Time

Time is nothing less than money right, and having everything on your hand will save you a lot of time. One app is enough to transfer money, to keep a check on the budget, to shop and pay for things, and many more. The apps will save you a lot of time, then you can imagine.

Seamless Connectivity

Smartphones have improvised connectivity, and it is pretty easy to stay in touch with our finances all the time. Banks have a holiday, but apps do not. No matter what holiday or where you are, these apps will make it easy to connect with people. You can have access to your savings and various other details present in the app with ease.

Key Features of Financial Mobile & Web Apps

We provide you with the following elements in your fintech application.

Payment Gateway Integration

We have a team of finance app developers who excel in developing fintech apps specifically. We provide you with third party payment gateway integrations. This is the must have feature in Finance app development.

Robust and Secure Platform

The first and most important thing about finance is security. We provide you with exceptional protection and ensure that every transaction you made is traceable. Every financial organization out there can make the most out of our robust and secure apps.

Highly Scalable

As an organization grows, it is essential to have an app that scales and improves along with the organization. We provide you with the scalable apps that will take improvise your organization and take it to another level.

Effective Data Management

We ensure that customer data is stored and used for future analysis effectively.

Why Choose Technostacks?

We at Technostacks have already developed robust fintech apps for various esteemed organizations out there in the market. Our focus is to create and produce top-notch services that will help the finance organization on multiple fronts. We have already worked with numerous clients and improved their efficiency as well as increased their revenue.

Our expert team of fintech app developers will ensure that your organization gets the best app that provides a seamless experience for your end-users. We understand the importance of security and data in financial apps, and thus we focus on both of them extensively in our app.

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