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Build Real Estate App for Lasting Wealth

If you are in real estate business and want to step up your sales, then the most excellent way to do it is with a real estate app development. Appropriately crafted real estate app will improve your business and make it a lot more profitable than it is now.

Every industry nowadays accepting digital technology and the real estate sector is one of that. The real estate mobile app comes with great features that will redefine your business.

Technostacks is a top real estate app development company in the USA & India that offers custom real estate app design services for global clients. You can hire real estate mobile app developers from us full-time or part-time for your project requirement.

Here are some extensive features which we will add in your real estate app.

This is the first and most important feature that you should require for real estate mobile app development. You have to provide an option to log in to the app and use it. You can provide various types of login options like social media log in, mobile number login, email login, etc. This way, every customer, be it a seller or buyer will have their account where they can save the houses they like or the deals that they want to close. This login system should be different for both buyers and sellers.

Every real estate app should have a listing feature. It will become easy for buyers to check out the list of properties available and know more about it. You should provide every detail of the property in that listing. This listing feature will make it easy for the buyer to select property they like and seller to list the properties that they want. It will be of great help to both parties.

The real estate app should utilize the GPS feature available on the phone to provide people with personalized details depending upon the place from where they are operating the mobile. Any buyer who is in a particular locality will get to see the properties that are listed in that locality. This way, the users will get to have customized lists depending upon the places they have travelled.

Buyers would have their eyes on more than one property, and often it becomes pretty confusing to select one among the list of available properties. This scenario is the reason why it is essential to provide a comparison feature. Users can choose some properties and compare them side by side. This functionality will help in making an informed decision and removes a lot of confusion too.

Everyone will have their personal choices when it comes to properties, and providing them a filtered search will make the entire house searching easy and straightforward.

Benefits of Real Estate App

Check Properties at Their Convenience

Customers don’t have to come to your office or go and check out the property directly. They can look for properties right from their home and know all the details that they want regarding the property. It becomes easy for customers to shop for properties without setting their feet out.

Manage Paperwork

Real estate involves a lot of paperwork, and with an app, every document can be stored in the cloud without any worry about losing it. Moreover, you can use the digital signing option for the paperwork too.


Push notifications about the properties that are newly listed will give customers more options present in the market.

Why Choose Technostacks?

We have worked with the topmost clients in the industry and offered them our real estate application development services. We at Technostacks have always ensured that our customers get the best deals when it comes to our services at affordable real estate app development cost. With the top-notch technology, we can deliver cutting edge applications that did stand out from other apps present in the market.

As a team we know what your target customers want in apps, and we ensure that the app developed consists of all those features. Our apps have boosted the property transaction rate a lot, and our clients have seen some drastic changes in their sales number after getting an app from us. Our customer-centric approach has always encouraged providing the best kinds of features and functionalities to our clients.

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