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No matter whatever business you are involved in, one of the best ways to promote your business is with the help of social media. There are various companies out there who design their own social media applications and use them to take their business into the audience. When it comes to social media apps, customers have different kinds of expectations in mind, and they want to have a platform where they can do various types of activities at once.

From writing their hearts out on posts to interacting with others, an app needs to have all interaction and communication features to make an impact. At Technostacks, we are a top Social Networking App Development company in the USA & India. We have always strived to provide every important feature in our social media app development solutions.

Benefits and Features of Social Media Apps

Key Features


It is essential to provide messaging features in every social media app. With instant messaging functionality, you can attract a lot of audiences, and it is one of the best ways to gain followers for your business.

Story Telling

It is the new trend. People are moving from blogs to social media platforms lately, and this is really helping them in attracting more and more audience. It is vital to have a platform where people can tell their stories without any hassle. Putting up 24-hour stories is a new trend, and it has become a part of various social media platforms already. It indeed creates more impact on the users. This is a must have feature in every social media app development. The big social media apps such as Instagram, whatsapp and Facebook already utilize it and gain success to attract more customers.

Simple Interface

No matter how many features one incorporates in the application, it won’t look right until and unless it has a simple interface. Users should be able to use the app without any hassle.


A timeline with all the stories and updates from friends is another feature that one looks out for in social media apps. This way, they will get to see what their friends are up to, and they can share what they are doing with friends. It is one of the best ways to catch up with friends and family.

Connecting to Other Social Media Apps

There are already various types of social media apps available out in the market. Providing an option to interact and share things from one app to another is going to help in reaching posts to a broader audience. It is a simple yet effective way to keep in touch.

Key Benefits

Brand Awareness

Any company can create brand awareness among the audience with the help of social media application development. The application will reach without any geographical barriers.

Increased Visibility

Social media applications will increase the visibility of any company. This scenario improves the company’s image overall and helps in making a better impact on the audience on the whole.


You will be able to build a loyal relationship with the customers present in your network. This benefit is another important and effective way to stay in touch with customers.


You will get to see various insights with the help of social media applications. There are in-built tools for generating insights and reports to evaluate the preferences of the target audience.

Our Tailor-made Social Media App Development Solutions

We know every business has a different need, and this is the reason why we provide you with customized solutions. The custom social media application development will help users to put in various stories and give them an option to talk about different other interesting things online. The instant messaging app is another amazing option that customers can make use of. They will get to interact with their friends and dear ones with the help of an instant messaging app like WhatsApp.

Why Choose Technostacks?

Our team at Technostacks uses some of the best APIs present in the market in social media app development. We have already provided some of the best interactive social media applications for clients, and our team ensured that they got all the features that customers desired.

We blend technology with creativity in order to create some of the most amazing applications that will stand out from the crowd. We have always worked towards providing better applications for our users and are ready to go the extra mile in the process.

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